Approaches to Designing Behaviour: Generative and Parametric Music

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 16:30
TH 331
Ollie Bown, (University of Sydney)

In this talk I will present a series of recent projects in which concepts of musical composition are transformed through new software.
This will include: performance systems in which the software acts as a responsive generative agent in a live musical interaction; computer models inspired by biology, in which networks of virtual agents adapt and evolve in virtual and real environments; and parametric composition systems, where a piece of music can be designed as a series of structured variations. Throughout this thread, my underlying interest is the question of design: the set of tools, techniques and concepts that a person uses to go about creating these novel artefacts.


Ollie Bown is an electronic musician, programmer and researcher in computing, evolutionary and adaptive systems, and music. He creates software, music and research papers, often all at once. His band Icarus recently created an album in 1,000 variations, available as a limited edition for the digital age. He comes from London but moved to Sydney in
2011 to work at the University of Sydney's Design Lab. Website: