Accelerating Big Data Discovery

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 17:30
TH 331
Anshu Jain (Research Manager - IBM Research)

Discovery is critical to new products across multiple industries including CPG, Consumer Electronics, Semi-conductors, Retail, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals. IBM Research is using machine-based discovery technology to mine millions of published papers, literature, patents and material properties. Then using advanced analytics, modeling and simulation to aid human discovery, the technology is able to uncover unexpected whitespace and innovation opportunities, and predict precisely where to make the most profitable research bets.

This talk will outline a few interesting use cases of the above technology, like deriving hidden insights in cancer research, searching for complex chemical compounds, and also discuss the underlying Big Data Technologies which allow for such insights to unfold. Finally, we discuss some of the most interesting open problems in the area and opportunities for collaboration.


Anshu leads a team of researchers and engineers working on the next generation of Big Data Analytics Solutions for Complex Research and Discovery. The team's current focus is to build technology to mine complex entities from unstructured documents like patents, medical and technology journals, research documents and derive insights from them. In prior roles, Anshu worked at the NextGen Service Delivery Research Team at the India Research Lab and the Worldwide Research Strategy Group at the Watson Research Centre, where he led the creation of Global Technology Outlook 2013, laying out the technical strategy for IBM Research.

His core areas of work at IBM have been in Service Design Tooling and Lightweight Service Delivery Analytics. He served as the Technical Architect of the European Union Funded Research Project 'Cockpit' for collaborative co-creation of public services. He led major research efforts in the area of service quality and building consumable analytics tools for the IBM Global Service Delivery teams for which he has received 3 Research Accomplishment Awards, and an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award. He is the author of several US Patent Applications in areas of service delivery, analytics, and user interaction, and peer reviewed papers in technical journals.
He graduated from IIIT-Bangalore with a Masters Degree in Information Technology, where he also acted as a visiting lecturer for the software engineering department from 2006 to 2011.