Overview of CS MS program with the focus on Research Methods and Writing Guidance for Culminating Experience Projects

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - 17:30
TH 331
Professor Dragutin Petkovic ( Associate Chair (Computer Science - SFSU))

In this seminar Prof. Petkovic will give very brief overview of SFSU MS program in CS and then focus on research methods and planning that is critical for successfully and efficiently completing culminating experience projects. In addition, Prof. Petkovic will give guidance on how to write good culminating experience reports, based on his extensive experience of reading and evaluating these reports and his observations of repetitive patterns of common mistakes students make. This seminar is strongly recommended to all CS graduate students, domestic and international who plan on graduating this or next semester


Dr. Petkovic obtained his Ph.D. at UC Irvine, in the area of biomedical image processing. He spent over 15 years at IBM Almaden Research Center as a scientist and in various management roles. His contributions ranged from use of computer vision for inspection, to multimedia databases and digital libraries. He is the founder of IBM's well-known QBIC (query by image content) project, which significantly influenced the content-based retrieval field. Dr. Petkovic received numerous IBM awards for his work and became an IEEE Fellow for leadership in the content-based retrieval area. Dr. Petkovic also managed and participated in several other projects while in IBM, among them User Ergonomics Research (involved in IBM's TrackPoint pointing device), and Foundations of Massively Parallel Computing. In the last few years, Dr. Petkovic had various technical management roles in Silicon Valley startups, the latest (VMware) involving virtual computing on Intel Platform. Some of the products Dr. Petkovic helped build won numerous awards and are widely used. He has also taught at Santa Clara University. Currently, Dr. Petkovic was the Chair of the Department of Computer Science at San Francisco State University from 2003 till Spring 2015, and currently is Professor at SFSU CS Department and Director of SFSU Center for Computing for Life Sciences.