FirefoxOS Architect

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 17:30
TH 331
Jonas Sicking (MOZILLA)

FirefoxOS is a web based operating system. It's entirely built using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Everything from settings applications and the homescreen to the phone dialer and even the browser UI itself is created using the web.The web as an application platform has the great property that it's safe to go to any website without worrying about getting hacked.Compare this to windows and OSX, where installing the wrong screensaver can enable a remote attacker to take over your computer.
However in part the web accomplishes this by simply having fewer capabilities compared to those platforms.

This is a presentation about how we've built FirefoxOS such that maintains the security model of the web by still keeping it safe to use any webapp, while at the same time enhancing the capabilities of the web to enable us to build a full OS.


Jonas has been hacking on web browsers for over a decade. He started as a open source contributor in 2000 contributing to the newly open sourced mozilla project. In 2005 he joined mozilla full time and has since been working on implementing and designing the web platform.
When FirefoxOS got started he joined originally as a tech lead for APIs and later as overall architect.