Wells Fargo Digital Labs Practice Overview

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 - 17:30
TH 331
Dominik Vltavsky and Amol Sapatnekar

The only way to understand emerging technology is to try it. Google Glass, robotics, virtual reality headset Oculus Rift and connected car are some of platforms the Wells Fargo Digital Lab has tested in it is test kitchen of what-if recipes for the new digital world. The tests range from the more practical to what seems more futuristic (putting virtual reality headsets on bankers) but all help the bank learn about digital experiences. Besides consumer platforms the Digital Lab spearheads work in machine learning and math-based currencies domains to help advance the banks foundational capabilities.


Dominik Vltavsky is Vice President and Technology Manager for Wells Fargo Digital Labs. His team is responsible for managing an innovation practice that focuses on experimenting with disruptive solutions for banking experiences of the future. The mission of WF Digital Labs is to spark ideas among Wells Fargo Team Members, inspire re-imagined experiences, and enable a deliberative test-and-learn environment. To do this, Dominik and his team focus on key opportunity areas, provide methodologies and frameworks to experimentation, foster and evangelize innovation across the enterprise, and collaborate with both internal and external tech communities.

Amol Sapatnekar is Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Wells Fargo Digital Channel. Amol leads the Software Engineering team within the Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) for the Community Bank’s Digital Channel. This team is responsible for technology strategy and leadership in engineering key platforms and capabilities offered by the Digital Channel for its customers namely, Digital Channel Innovation, Digital Sales & Marketing, Fraud Prevention & Authentication, Digital Banking, and Money Movement Services, amongst others.