Digital experiences within physical spaces

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 17:30
TH 331
Alan Shimoide, Technical Director at Razorfish

Digital experiences are commonly limited to the screen, however even within the home, this has started to shift with IoT and the increasing number of connected devices. When digital experiences begin to utilize physical space, it brings to question what the merger of space and digital bring to the experience. In public, physical spaces allow for a shared collective experiences and technology can enable unique experiences within that space. The enabling technologies encompass IoT, embedded technologies, LEDs, large architectural screens, computer vision, computer graphics, and a network of systems. The blending of technology with physical ultimately leads to a blended reality where digital embraces the physical space and represents this merger through many mediums including AR.


Alan has built immersive interactive media projects for over nine years and has a background in computer vision and scientific research. He directs the proposal, specification, planning, engineering, testing, deployment, and maintenance of retail projects in locations worldwide. Alan was the technical lead for “The Flight Deck”, an interactive experience at SFO International Airport that integrates large-format display with Kinect-powered gesture interface and multi-touch digital experiences. He also launched two new digitally enabled flagship experiences for GrandVision in Shanghai; the stores feature smart storefront and in-store interactive displays that are fully integrated with the online/mobile experience. Before joining Razorfish, Alan was the Director of Engineering at Snibbe Interactive, Inc. and developed interactive media experiences that combined computer graphics with computer vision for clients such as Dell and Coca-Cola.