Curse or Blessing? The Digital Revolution coming to a City near you

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 - 17:30
TH 331
Gert Christen, City Innovate Foundation

The possibilities of the latest digital technologies are impacting every aspect of our lives so profoundly that this development has been called the 4th industrial revolution. Each of us as private persons, every company and even governments and entire countries must decide whether to embrace the new wave of digital devices and services or not: Is the digital revolution a curse or a blessing? We will examine what challenges public organizations face with the digital revolution and how City Innovate helps cities navigate the issues. A case study on the „Urban Mobility Collider“ will show how the Miami-Dade region is using digital technologies to improve transportation for its 2,7 million inhabitants by mixing existing technologies with the latest: "My Clipper card now talks to my Lyft app!".

Gert Christen loves and works the business of innovation. He is the COO of City Innovate Foundation who’s mission is to solve urban problems thru technology and open innovation. He has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, North- and Latin America building and growing technology businesses. Before returning to California he led two startup  incubators and founded the entrepreneurship department at his alma mater university in Zurich, Switzerland. He has been named a Digital Shaper by the President of Switzerland and won the Swiss Marketing Trophy for the best marketing campaign for Startupfair, the largest event for the startup industry.
His experience includes 7 years with Nokia in the USA and Latin America, where he created Nokia’s commercial content business. Prior he was active in Radiofrequency Identification with assignments in Europe and Asia.
Mr. Christen earned his M.B.A. at Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business in Dallas, Texas, USA, followed by post-graduate work at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and the Zurich University of Teacher Education.