Samsung Internet Browser: Learn 20 things in 40 mins

Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 11:00
LIB 121
Dr. Hyo Jung Song

Samsung Internet browser is the web browser that is pre-installed on all Samsung Galaxy phones and phablets. It has the second largest market share in Android. Despite that, it’s been hiding under the radar until now. This talk will cover the value Samsung Intenet provides to users: privacy & security, online payment, and mobile extensions. Privacy & security features include ad blocking, secret mode and anti tracking. Secret mode protects user browsing experience with finger print/iris sensors, and anti tracking blocks for invisible websites to track users' browsing history. Shopping has been regarded as one of the key browsing experiences. Being integrated with Samsung Pay, Samsung internet gives a streamlined online shopping experience to users with the maximum security.

Among a variety of mobile extensions, this presentation will highlight "closeby", which is based on physical web technology. It extends the power of the web - the URL - to physical objects so that users could interact with physical objects. Beyond web experience, Samsung internet takes an important position in the Samsung ecosystem: the browser is being integrated with Samsung's innovative hardware - such as GearVR and finger print/iris sensors - and Samsung's mobile services such as Samsung Pay and Bixby for the best browsing experience on Samsung devices. For example, Samsung Internet offers the premium web video experience for Gear VR where the same video could be continuously played from mobile to Gear VR. Samsung internet could also be activated by voice commands of Bixby, which is Samsung's newly emerging voice interface system. With Samsung Pay and bio-sensors, online shopping experiences could be easier and more secure.

The browser is based on open standards and Samsung is a key contributor into the Chromium open source project on which our browser is based. This speech will cover the contribution to Chromium open source project and W3C standards, which has led to extension of the mobile web landscape for the past couple of years.


She is the VP of Samsung Mobile R&D, and she leads the Samsung Internet browser. 

As an experienced mobile and CE industry R&D leader, she enjoys working with creative industry and academic leaders to create new disruptive technologies to solve business challenges. She joined Samsung R&D in 2000 and she has been working in various areas of mobile & consumer electronics, including multicore software, power-aware computing, system software, virtual machine (Java, HTML) and GPGPU computing. Before joining Samsung, she earned her postdoc from UCSD and got her PhD from KAIST in 1998. 

She currently directs Samsung internet browser team for Galaxy Mobile, Gear VR with the responsibility of deploying the industry leading browser for those devices. Her team has resolved technical challenges including virtual machine (HTML and Java), high-performance and power-aware computing (rendering and responsive user experience), and SW engineering in mobile computing. She previously built and managed a team of 70 researchers in Korea and India. The output of the research was mainly contributed to the 1st multi-core enabled smartphone (Galaxy S2) which was the fastest smart phone ever on the day of its launch.