Towards An Inspection process to assess Ethical AI: A case study in health care

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 - 17:30
LIB 121
Robert V. Zicari

AI is becoming a sophisticated tool in the hands of a variety of stakeholders, including political leaders. Some AI applications may raise new ethical and legal questions, and in general have a significant impact on society (for the good or for the bad or for both). People motivation plays a key role here. With AI the important question is how to avoid that it goes out of control, and how to understand how decisions are made and what are the consequences for society at large. In this talk, Roberto V. Zicari will present some preliminary thoughts on the concept of an inspection process to assess Ethical AI. This could be part of an Ethics by Design process, or if the AI has already been designed, it can be used to do an ethical sanity check, so that a certain AI Ethical standard of care is achieved. It can be used by a variety of AI stakeholders. There are several reasons to do an AI Ethical Inspection: - Minimize Risks associated with AI - Help establishing TRUST in AI - Improve the AI - Foster ethical values (stimulate new kinds of innovation) Roberto and his team have started to test the Ethical AI assessment process using a use case in healthcare: is external)

 which uses Machine Learning (a Classifier implemented as of an ensemble of neural networks) to predict the risk of a coronary disease, with no need of an invasive diagnosis, such as coronary angiography- the reference standard (invasive diagnostic 100% accurate). The goal is to help contribute to closing the gap between “principles” (the “what” of AI ethics) and “practices” (the ”how”).


Roberto V. Zicari is a professor of Database and Information Systems (DBIS) at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Databases and Big Data. His interests also expands to Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Ethics of AI. He is the founder of the Frankfurt Big Data Lab at the Goethe University Frankfurt, and the editor of the web portal and of the ODBMS Industry Watch Blog. He was for the past five years a visiting professor with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology within the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at UC Berkeley (USA).