Science-Based Storytelling in the California Academy of Sciences Visualization Studio

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 17:30
Jeroen Lapré

Jeroen Lapré will give a presentation on Science-Based Storytelling in the California Academy of Sciences Visualization Studio. This will include a brief history of the Academy, and how the VIZ team borrows techniques from the visual effects, digital animation, and real-time graphics industries; to produce educational media. Weaving immersive experiences with teaching points from advisors, we hope to connect audiences with science on an emotional level. Jeroen will close his presentation with open source software proposals that may be useful to the VIZ Studio. The hope is to inspire SFSU Computer Science students to contribute to these projects, in a potentially beneficial collaboration.


Jeroen Lapré has held the role of Senior Technical Director of the Visualization Studio in the California Academy of Sciences since 2008. He led the research into and adoption of (SideFX) Houdini as a core tool for the Academy’s Visualization Studio. On the planetarium production of “Expedition Reef(link is external)”, Lapré worked on the powers-of-ten dive into a coral—showing the community of polyps at the microscopic level to reveal the processes of symbiosis, photosynthesis, coral bleaching and spawning. A longtime Industrial Light & Magic veteran, in his personal time Jeroen is producing his own digital short film based on Arthur C. Clarke(link is external)’s short story, “Maelstrom II.”