Study Abroad Program in Fulda, Germany

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Fulda University

About Fulda University


The Baroque city of Fulda is located between the Rhön and Vogelsberg mountains in the green geographic center of Germany. The region is home to numerous mechanical, electrical and computer engineering companies and service firms. The historic city of Fulda attracts visitors from around the world. A city of 63,000 inhabitants, Fulda boasts one of Germany’s most picturesque and charming old towns. Fulda, situated in the center of Germany, enjoys ideal transport connections. The city is located along a highway and is served by ICE (Intercity Express),Germany’s high-speed train system. Germany’s principal international airport, Frankfurt, is just an hour away by car or train.

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Fulda University of Applied Sciences covers a broad spectrum of academic and professional education. The institution is a practice-orientated university with an international focus, founded in 1974. Today, the university has eight academic departments with over 120 professors and as support staff. Numerous research and development projects are undertaken in cooperation with private business and industry and other institutions in the Fulda region and beyond. The Departments of Applied Computer Sciences, Business Administration, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Food Technology, Household Management, Nutrition and Food Quality, Nursing and Health Sciences, Social and Cultural Studies and Social Studies teach numerous first-degree programs, graduate programs and other educational offerings. Some of the study programs lead to an international bachelor’s or master’s degree, and all are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Ten percent of the students come from abroad. The University has a pleasant campus, with attractive buildings grouped around a central plaza. The city center is in walking distance, about 20 minutes away.



This collaboration has grown out of several years of ongoing collaboration on a joint team-oriented SE course taught by Prof. D. Petkovic at SFSU and Prof. R. Todtenhoefer at Fulda. This course is taught in a synchronous fashion and designed to simulate a real-life SW development environment. The course goals are to teach students practical and team-intensive SE, to expose them to working in global software teams, and to explore new teaching methods and assessments to improve the instruction of SE teamwork.

We have established a formal bilateral exchange between the Computer Science Departments of San Francisco State University and the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda (University of Applied Sciences in Fulda Website). This is the first bilateral agreement within the College of Science and Engineering (COSE). This agreement has been spearheaded by Prof. A. Puder from SFSU Computer Science Department and Prof. R. Todtenhoefer from Fulda University.

The exchange will be sponsored at SF State by the Computer Science Department and will have the following features:

  • SF State's CS graduate students will take specified classes at the University of Applied Sciences and these will be counted as electives in their graduate program. Courses will be taught in English and will be in subject areas such as electronic business and multimedia systems.
  • Graduate students from the University of Applied Sciences will take specified graduate and undergraduate courses in the CS Department that may be counted toward completion of their home degree. Courses will be in subject areas such as distributed systems and multimedia systems.

Students who participate in this program will benefit from learning about new cultures, new teaching methods, and will gain valuable experience for their future careers in a global economy. Visiting the beautiful city of Fulda and traveling in Europe is an additional benefit.

Students interested in this exchange please contact Prof. Puder,