Dragutin Petkovic

Dr. Petkovic
Associate Chair
  • IEEE LIFE Fellow
  • Director, Computing for Life Sciences (CCLS)
  • Coordinator for Graduate Certificates in AI Ethics and SW Engineering

Contact Information

Phone: (415) 338-2261
Building: Thornton Hall
Room Number: 968
Office hours will be posted on the respective iLearn page and held through Zoom. Please contact the office if you are unable to find instructions for office hours for a particular class.

Areas of Expertise
  • Software Engineering Machine learning
  • Computing for Life Sciences
  • Usability
  • Machine Learning
  • AI Ethics and Explainability
  • Coordinator, Graduate Certificate in AI Ethics
  • Coordinator, Graduate Certificate in SW Engineering

  • PI of collaborative NSF TUES grant 1140172 “ Transforming the Understanding, Assessment and Prediction of Teamwork Effectiveness in Software Engineering Education using Machine Learning”. Includes joint teaching and research on global SW engineering with co-PIs Prof. R. Todtenhoefer (Fulda, Germany), and Shihong Huang (FAU, Florida) , ongoing.
  • SFSU PI of NIH sub-grant U54EB020405 “Mobility Data Integration to Insight”, Stanford, PI Prof. S. Delp, $35 K direct costs/year, for four years, 2015-2019.
  • SFSU PI of NIH sub-grant 2R01LM005652-19A1 (main PI Prof. R. Altman, Stanford University): :”Text Mining for High-fidelity Curation and Discovery of Gene-drug-phenotype Relationships “. Engaged in SW Engineering, usability and data management aspects, with one SFSU co-PI, CCLS research staff and SFSU graduate students, 2016-2020

  • J. Wilson, M. Wong, A. Chalke, N. Stepanov, D. Petkovic, R. Altman: "PathFXweb: a web application for identifying drug safety and efficacy phenotypes” Bioinformatics, btz419, May 22, 2019
  • D.Petkovic, S. Barlaska, J. Young, R. Todtenhoefer: “From Explaining How Random Forest Classifier Predicts Learning of Software Engineering Teamwork to Guidance for Educators” Frontiers in Education FIE 2018, October 2018, San Jose CA
  • D. Petkovic (Chair), L. Kobzik, C. Re: “Workshop on Machine learning and deep analytics for biocomputing: call for better explainability”, Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing PSB 2018, Hawaii
  • Paul Previde, Brook Thomas, Mike Wong, Emily K Mallory, Dragutin Petkovic, Russ B Altman, Anagha Kulkarni: “GeneDive: A gene interaction search and visualization tool to facilitate precision medicine”, Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing PSB 2018, Hawaii
  • D. Petkovic, R. Altman, M. Wong, A. Vigil: “Improving the explainability of Random Forest classifier – user centered approach”, Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing PSB 2018, Hawaii

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