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The Master of Science in Computer Science program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in computing and related industries, and for advanced study toward a Ph.D. degree. We offer three specializations: Software Engineering, Computing for Life Sciences, and Computing in Business.

Department faculty and students are engaged in innovative research projects, many funded by grants from government or industry such as NSF and NIH, IBM Research, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Emulex, Claritics. Many of these grants are in collaboration with top local universities such as Stanford and UCSF. Research is supported by SFSU's Center for Computing for Life Sciences (for more information visit: Center for Computing for Life Sciences web page), or several specialized laboratories which provide opportunities to work with faculty and students from other SFSU departments and industry. Recent projects and classes include mobile application development, Cloud and High Performance Computing, Multiplayer Game Development, advanced Machine Learning, Data Mining and Visualization, etc. Students actively participate in these funded research and applied projects, gain valuable experience and are financially supported for their work.

San Francisco State University Quad with the Library in the background.

A small number of nonresident tuition waivers may be available for outstanding out-of- state students.

In addition, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is close to the centers of high-tech R&D, enabling students to easily obtain summer internships and practical experience during and after school. Local industry often visits for promotional and recruiting visits. We are committed to a program rich in diversity encouraging women and minorities to apply.


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For application information, please visit: CS Department Graduate Program Application Information web page.