Masters Theses and Culminating Experiences

CE/MT Number Oral Defense Date Authors Title
CE-22.05 05/12/2022 Tsun Ming Lee Techniques for Children to Learn Alphabets
CE-22.04 05/10/2022 Jiawei Xu Developing an IoT Management System
CE-22.03 05/10/2022 Izaac Garcilazo Visual Analytics Support for the Analysis of Relationship between Crimes and Demographics
CE-22.02 05/09/2022 Xinwei Fan An Advanced Traffic Line Detector Based on Machine Learning Algorithm
CE-22.01 05/09/2022 Zhuozhuo Liu Csanim: a Python Library of Creating Videos on Visualizing Algorithms and Data Structure for Computer Science Educators
CE-21.28 12/17/2021 Swetha Govindu Koob AI-Powered ePUB Reader
CE-21.27 12/17/2021 Raviteja Guttula Koob - eBook Reader Enhanced with NLP
CE-21.26 12/14/2021 Xinze Zhang Design and Release the Machine Learning Model with Differential Privacy
MT-21.05 12/13/2021 Inez Wibowo Improving Communication and Sense of Belonging in Remote Teaching
CE-21.25 12/10/2021 Allen Sun A Machine Learning Based Web Application for Hybrid Apps Security Analysis
MT-21.04 12/10/2021 Megha Babariya Understanding Airline Travel Demand Trends During Covid-19
CE-21.24 12/10/2021 Likhitha Brahmadevara Exploratory Visualization of Movies and their Tweet Sentiment
CE-21.23 12/09/2021 Cherise Lau User-Centered Design to Improve the Meeting Experience
CE-21.22 12/09/2021 Srinithi Ramachandran TOOLSHARE Web Application
CE-21.21 12/08/2021 Siddhita Chimote COVID-19 and Twitter Data Visual Analysis
CE-21.20 12/07/2021 Rachit Joshi An Interactive Visualization for Comparing Embedding Spaces
CE-21.19 12/07/2021 Vaisakh Kusabhadran Local Differential Privacy in Machine Learning
CE-21.18 12/01/2021 Zhifan Cai Automate the AutoML: Machine Learning as a Service Web Application for data analysis
CE-21.17 11/29/2021 Sanchit Joshi Visualization for mHealth Applications
CE-21.16 11/12/2021 Jeff Cheng JavaScript Tutor: An Educational Tool
CE-21.15 10/28/2021 Chaitali Kalra TOS x86 Emulator
CE-21.14 10/19/2021 John Gann Creating a Universal Scene Description Hydra Render Delegate for the Luxcore Renderer
CE-21.13 09/08/2021 Varun Yogesh Sura YouDescribeX iOS App
CE-21.12 08/09/2021 Manish Patil Enhanced YouDescribe Web Interface Design and Development
CE-21.11 08/06/2021 Jugal Nikul Bhatt Visual Analytics Support for Automated Discovery of Machine Learning Problem Specifications
CE-21.10 08/04/2021 Qihong Kuang Prediction of Fire Incidents in San Francisco
CE-21.09 05/20/2021 Kriti Upadhyaya Analyze the Factors that Make Students Succeed in “Programming Methodology” Course
CE-21.08 05/12/2021 Srushti Manishbhai Buddhadev Association of Sleep Patterns with Lifestyle Habits and Other Factors Using Machine Learning and NHANES Data
CE-21.07 05/12/2021 Beibei Jiang Online Learning Algorithmic Model of TweetSafe
CE-21.06 05/10/2021 Kunal Rajeshbhai Shah Cloud Based Pipeline for mHealth Data
CE-21.05 05/10/2021 Jinghan Cao TWEETSAFE: A Web-­Based App for Detecting Spam Tweets
CE-21.04 05/10/2021 Akhil Gandu Exploratory Visualization of COVID-19 Cases and Tweet Sentiment
CE-21.03 05/07/2021 Sally Mostafa A Framework for Predicting Progression in Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Using Machine Learning and Statistical Methods
CE-21.02 05/05/2021 Tahar Touati Correlation between Obesity and lifestyle factors
CE-21.01 03/29/2021 Shivam Rai WEBOBFUSCATOR: A Web-Based Tool for Android Obfuscation
MT-20.03 12/11/2020 Jakob Dohrmann Optimizing a Prediction Pipeline by Prepending an Efficient Low-Fidelity Model
CE-20.21 12/09/2020 Abhishek Pravin Mane Predicting Rent of Bikes per Hour and Solving the Rebalancing Problem
CE-20.20 12/09/2020 Sagar Rajeshbhai Pandya ToolShare Website - Sharing Economy Platform
CE-20.19 12/09/2020 Tejal Rajendra Ghadge AndroGraphic: A Web-Based Tool for Visualizing Android Apps Setting
CE-20.17 12/08/2020 Aaditya Dilipbhai Chokshi Total Traffic Prediction for a Cluster of Shared Citibike Stations
CE-20.16 12/08/2020 Tejasvi Arun Belsare QMOMI : Tool to Provide Quantitative Measures of Online Medical Information
CE-20.15 12/07/2020 U Khyoi Nu Analysis and Prediction of Walking Performance Using Large Scale Data
CE-20.14 12/07/2020 Raya Farshad Emotion Thermometer App
CE-20.13 12/07/2020 Aditya Bodi Enhanced Video Accessibility Using AI On-Demand Visual Chatbot for Visually Impaired Users
CE-20.12 12/07/2020 Brenna Tirumalashetty Image Caption Evaluation with Deep Learning to Advance Video Accessibility
MT-20.02 06/04/2020 Soumithri Chilakamarri Online Community Detection Using Twitter Data
MT-20.01 05/28/2020 Andrew Scott Transfer Learning for Improved Video Description Performance for Visually Impaired and Blind
CE-20.11 05/22/2020 Risha Shah Disparities in information on Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives Available to College Students on Student Health Center Websites in the USA
CE-20.10 05/20/2020 Sushil Plassar Seamless Integration of Deep Learning Predictions for Monitoring Cellular Differentiation of Muscle Cells
CE-20.09 05/20/2020 Ali Mahmood Alavi Improvements of Explainability of Random Forest Algorithms
CE-20.08 05/19/2020 Vaishali Bisht User Study Design and Development for Video Description Application for Visually Impaired Users
CE-20.07 05/19/2020 Karuna Nayak Using Text Analytics on Reflective Journaling to Identify Cultural Capitals for STEM Students
CE-20.06 05/18/2020 Soheil Ansari Koob epub reader: A Digital Approach for Analyzing ESL Students’ Reading Activities
CE-20.05 05/13/2020 Ting Yin Integration of Deep Learning for Differentiation of Muscle Cells in Xenopus laevis
CE-20.04 05/13/2020 Dhwan Shah Koob Mobile Application Integrated with Data Interpretation Website
CE-20.03 05/08/2020 Jianfei Zhao Internet Application Development of YouDescribe Website
CE-20.02 02/19/2020 Umang Mathur System Development For Human-In-The-Loop Machine Experiments to increase Video Accessibility for Visually Impaired and Blind Users
CE-20.01 01/29/2020 Vipul Karanjkar Web Application to Classify Embryo Images
CE-19.11 12/09/2019 Dandan Cai Applying Improved Random Forest Explainability
CE-19.10 08/20/2019 Kunal Deepak Tambekar Building a Distributed Sensor Management Solution for Arduino-based Microcontrollers
CE-19.09 08/12/2019 Mrinalini Garre Web Application for Woman Owned Business
CE-19.08 07/24/2019 Gayatri Pise Wifi-Based Human Fall Detection Using Machine Learning
CE-19.07 07/24/2019 Krunal Shah Gesture Recognition with Wi-Fi Sensing in Smart Homes
CE 19.06 07/11/2019 Savankumar Patel Spam detection by message dissemination patterns on social networks
CE-19.04 07/11/2019 Aishwarya Laturkar Wifienabled Nonintrusive Realtime Fall Detection System
CE-19.05 07/11/2019 Richa Nahar User Authentication Using Wifi Enabled Finger Gesture Detection
CE-19.03 05/22/2019 Yordanos Mogos Computer Science Identity and its Influence in Developing Programming Skills
MT-19.01 05/07/2019 Paul Previde Applications of Data Mining to Student Performance Prediction and Curriculum Design
CE-19.02 05/06/2019 Sabiha Barlaskar From Explaining How Random Forest Classifier Predicts Learning of Software Engineering Teamwork to Guidance for Educators
CE-19.01 05/06/2019 Jizhou Yang RFEX 2.0 – Improved RF Explainability: Case study of single-cell transcriptomics dataset from J. Craig Venter Institute
CE-18.18 12/20/2018 Prateek Gupta Design And Implementation Of A Lightweight Setup And Firmware Management Framework for ESP-based Microcontrollers
CE-18.17 12/19/2018 Moses Lee CAWL/DSP CoreAudio Wrapper Library With Real Time DSP Effects
CE-18.16 12/18/2018 Ajinkya Chalke Mobile Adverse Event Reporting System (MAERS)
CE-18.15 12/17/2018 Cheng Li YouDescribe Android app – An Accessibility tool for adding Audiodescription to Online videos
CE-18.14 12/12/2018 Rajat Arora SuperCaly: Implementation of Emails, Server-side Encryption, Infrastructure Setup, and User Data Analysis
CE 18.13 12/05/2018 Lowell Milliken ARtPM: Article Retrieval for Precision Medicine
CE 18.12 12/03/2018 Supritha Amudhu A Web Based Interface for Automatic Molecular Docking and Related Tools
CE 18.11 08/03/2018 Syed Omer Salar Khureshi Java Call Stack Graph Tool
CE 18.10 07/30/2018 Lee Periolat Visualization of Network Traffic and Acceleration of Linear Solutions Using Graphics Processors
CE-18.09 07/13/2018 Chandra Pradyumna Adusumilli Labyrinth VR Application
CE 18.08 07/10/2018 Jose Ortiz-Costa A Framework for Knowledge Graph Based Question Answering
CE 18.07 07/09/2018 Boonyarit Uengtrakul Automatic Music Transcription Using Machine Learning Techniques
CE 18.06 05/16/2018 Sapan Tiwari Finger Gesture Recognition using Wi-Fi
MT- 18.05 05/14/2018 Katherine A. Fotion Feature Power: A New Variable Importance Measure for Random Forests
CE 18.05 05/09/2018 Lijie Zhou Spammer Detection on Social Networks
CE 18.04 05/07/2018 Xinlu Chen Waitless – Saving Time for Customers and Improving Operational Efficiency for Restaurants
MT- 18.04 05/03/2018 Mon-Shih Chuang Balancing Precision and Recall with Selective Search
MT-18.03 05/02/2018 Jeff Hung Model-Based Registration of Histological Images
CE-18.03 04/17/2018 Ammar Naqvi Software Obfuscation and Analyses
MT-18.02 03/14/2018 Swati Patel Using Topical Interests And Social Interactions To Identify Similar Twitter Users
CE-18.02 03/12/2018 Meghana Dayananda PGxAssist: A Retrieval and Summarization System for Pharmacogenomics Articles
MT-18.01 01/31/2018 Maya Belen Cervantes Gautschi Stark Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Shoulder Implants in X-ray Images
CE-18.01 01/25/2018 Madhura Patil YouDescribe Android App – An Accessibility Tool for Playing Audio Descriptions with Online Videos
CE-17.32 12/18/2017 Anshul Vyas Privacy Inspector: A Testing-Monitoring-Analyzing Tool for Enhancing Security on Android Devices
CE-17.31 12/11/2017 Xuan Zhang An Implementation of A Community Android Application
CE-17.30 12/08/2017 Aman Arora An Educational Tool for the Study of Programming Language Python
CE - 17.29 12/08/2017 Brook Thomas GeneDive - Gene Interaction Search and Discovery
CE-17.28 12/06/2017 Chanin Pithya-achariyakul Automated Question Answering System
CE-17.27 12/04/2017 Sai Krishna Undurthi Automated Testing of Best Practices for Android
CE-17.26 12/04/2017 Monal Patil EasyPool: Android application for Carpooling
CE- 17.25 12/01/2017 Tenzin Wangchuk Implementing OpenMRS UI/UX Functionality to RadiologyModule With DCM4CHEE
CE-17.24 11/17/2017 Siddhartha Sankasala An Educational Tool for the Study of Programming Language PHP
CE - 17.23 08/15/2017 Anu Aggarwal SuperCaly - A Smart Calendar Application
CE - 17.22 07/18/2017 Vishal Shankar mUzima Android: Implementing delta synchronization of Cohorts for OpenMRS
CE - 17.21 06/11/2017 Dusan Zika Cvetkovic Mobile Sensor-Based Application for Basketball Practice
CE - 17.20 06/05/2017 Ishwari Shevade An Educational Tool for the Study of Programming Language Ruby
CE-17.18 05/24/2017 Ketan Kapre LSP Evaluator - a Suitability Evaluation Tool Based On The LSP Method
CE-17.17 05/23/2017 Harini Parthasarathy OpenMRS 2.3 Drug order and Pharmacy Module
CE-17.16 05/23/2017 Abhijit Parate Document and Drawing Annotation module for OpenMRS
CE-17.15 05/23/2017 Kavya Reddy Katipally Enhancements to the Visit Notes Analysis module of OpenMRS
CE-17.14 05/19/2017 Sree Vidya Sastry An Analysis of Interpolative Logic Aggregators
CE-17.13 05/18/2017 Octavian Drulea bcikit: An Open Platform for Research and Development of Brain-Computer Interfaces
CE - 17.19 05/17/2017 Pooja Kanchan Instrumenting the Android Platform
MT-17.03 05/17/2017 Juris Puchin Machine Learning Analysis of Neuromuscular Signals in the Human Arm
CE-17.12 05/17/2017 Ye Cheng Android Application for Managing Photos Across Devices
CE-17.11 05/16/2017 Rupal Khilari YouDescribe iOS App - An Accessibility Tool For Adding Audio Descriptions To Online Videos
CE-17.10 05/16/2017 Abhilash Shrivastava Meet-The-Need An Application For Providing Courier Services Based On Sharing Economy Model
MT-17.02 05/15/2017 Benjamin Saylor Machine Learning for Optimized Ecosystem Models
CE-17.09 05/12/2017 Lev Trubov Characterization and Linear Decomposition of Benchmark Workloads
CE-17.08 05/12/2017 Zhitao Geng GuideMe: an Android Application letting Volunteers Navigate the Visually Impaired
CE-17.07 05/12/2017 Brian Parra Implementation of JavaScript Webm Demultiplexer, and VP8 Video Decoder for Ogv.js
CE-17.06 05/11/2017 Hui Zhao Learning Path Application A JavaScript and Node.js Stack Based Implementation
CE-17.05 05/11/2017 Mahesh Singh Sawant EPUB-Reader Android App
CE-17.04 05/11/2017 Michael Lee Time-Efficient Information Collection in Multi-reader RFID Systems
MT-17.01 05/11/2017 Mariia Khvalchik Automatic Question-Answering System for Factoid & Non-Factoid Open-Domain Questions
CE-17.03 05/10/2017 Sisi Wei Visgraphs: A Web-Based Learning Tool For Visualization Of Graph Algorithms
CE-17.02 05/10/2017 David Hoff Development work on World of Balance: Using Gamification to teach Ecology Science
CE-17.01 05/09/2017 Haichuan Duan SuperCaly: Implementation of Chat, Email, Offline Synchronization & Friends Matching Modules
CE-16.23 12/23/2016 Omar Shaikh Full stack software platforms for advanced augmented reality hardware
CE-16.21 12/20/2016 Rujoota Shah SuperCaly App for iOS
CE-16.22 12/20/2016 Anthony Souza Design And Development Of Import And Backend Architecture Of Mobilizedb Software For Stanford University
MT-16.01 12/16/2016 Arthur Vigil Variable Importance in Microenvironment-based Protein Function Analysis
CE-16.20 12/16/2016 Weisong Lin Intelligent Music Website built using PHP&MySQL
CE-16.19 12/15/2016 Jens Vanderhaeghe World of Balance
CE-16.18 12/14/2016 Amurta Deshmukh Android Application - Family Protector
CE-16.17 12/13/2016 Yuan Wang Food-Disease-Gene Networks Visualization And Improvement
CE-16.16 12/13/2016 Yichen Liu General N Puzzle Sliding Game We Application
CE-16.15 12/09/2016 Yeqing Yan Porting TOS to Raspberry Pi
CE-16.14 11/08/2016 Kay Choi Tracking Bees Using Imaging Analysis
CE-16.13 08/12/2016 Harsha Cheruku A Gaia-based Privacy Monitor App for Firefox OS
CE-16.12 08/12/2016 Sammy Patenotte Privacy Monitor for Firefox OS
CE-16.11 08/11/2016 Rushab Indi Design And Development Of Query Subsystem Of MobilizeDB Software For Stanford University
CE-16.10 06/21/2016 Xuejing Dong Design and Development of Android Application, HTTP Web Service and XMPP Chat Component for SuperCaly Project
CE-16.09 05/25/2016 Nidhi Miglani Design, Development and Deployment of SETAP WWW Site and ML Training Database
CE-16.08 05/25/2016 Jason Burmark Solar Simulation at Scale
CE-16.07 05/11/2016 Robert Moon Virtual Marine World Inhabited by Artificially Intelligent Fishes
CE-16.06 03/14/2016 Aparna Gopalakrishnan A Multifaceted Data Mining Approach To Understanding What Factors Lead College Students To Persist And Graduate
CE-16.05 02/10/2016 Pavitra Mukund Kansara Design and Development of InvesTICKations Android application, Web application and Website
CE-16.04 01/25/2016 Pratik Jaiswal Do it Yourself Burglar Alarm
CE-16.03 01/22/2016 Suchi Vora A Systematic Study Of Twelve Feature Selection Algorithms And Their Impact On Text Classification Task
CE-16.02 01/08/2016 Jie Dong Extention to TypeScript
CE-16.01 01/08/2016 Yanxing Wang Design and Implementation of Primitive and Struct Type for the TypeScript Compiler
CE-16.02 01/06/2016 Jie Dong Extention to TypeScript
MT-15.04 12/18/2015 Jonathon Olson Analysis On Fatal And Severe Bicycle Accidents In The State Of California
CE-15.14 12/14/2015 Kumari Sweta BeamIt: Android App to Share Digital Business Cards
CE-15.13 12/11/2015 Achint Verma Lenager - SaaS Based Lead Management Software
CE-15.12 12/10/2015 Imran Alavi Development of a Reading Model using the Smart Reader Extension
CE-15.11 12/08/2015 Nathan Luis Ebluna - Third Party Customer Support Software for Small/Medium Sized eBay Sellers
CE-15.10 12/02/2015 Hunvil Rodrigues Substituting ATN Engine as the Computational Model for World of Balance Game
CE-15.09 11/16/2015 Chin-Chia Chou Tools for Data Gathering, Conversion, and Testing in SETAP Project
CE-15.08 08/12/2015 Luv Ahuja Newspoints
CE-15.07 07/13/2015 Ayush Goyal Snappit: Android Application
CE-15.05 06/01/2015 Sha Yan Exam System for SF State Confucius Institute: A web-based management system built using PHP & MySQL
MT-15.02 05/13/2015 Marzieh Golbaz Severity Quantification of Viral Respiratory Infections in Chest X-Ray Images
MT-15.01 05/13/2015 Justina Cotter Predicting Effects of Modifying Species Parameters in an Allometric Trophic Network Model
CE-15.04 05/06/2015 Swati Arora SETAP: SW Engineering Teamwork Assessment and Prediction using Machine Learning
CE-15.03 05/04/2015 Dainius Grimalauskas Development of ZomBee Watch iPhone Mobile Client
CE-15.02 04/03/2015 Mu Ye Gao Mutual Match Dating Website A PHP/MySQL Implementation
CE-15.01 03/09/2015 Bhavana Senapathi Social Media Review Harvester - Data Aggregation and Visualization
MT-14.01 12/19/2014 Lorenzo T. Flores Microenvironment-based Protein Function Analysis by Random Forest
CE-14.21 12/16/2014 Nicholas C. Mew Proteomics Online Tool Development and Design: FEATUREViz and WebFEATURE
CE-14.20 12/15/2014 Mayyin C. O'Neill Social Media Review Harvester
CE-14.19 12/12/2014 Lok Shing Tam Performance Analysis of Scripting Languages
CE-14.18 12/09/2014 Mehnaz Singh Jaggi MyReceipt: Receipt Manager to Manage Receipts Android and Web Application
CE-14.16 11/19/2014 Terry Chun Wong Administrative User Interface for a Field Observation Server Web Application
CE-14.17 11/19/2014 Joao Sousa Development and Evaluation of Citizen Science Application Using Android and Cloud Computing
CE-14.15 08/08/2014 Ashwin Neurgaonkar Taking WebFEATURE to the next level: Re-architecture & integration of multiple machine learning algorithms
CE-14.14 08/06/2014 Wei Wei FEATURE-Words: An Information Retrieval System to Identify and Investigate Protein Functional Classes
CE-14.13 07/16/2014 Yufei Zhuang LSP Suitability Maps Based on ArcGIS
CE-14.12 07/16/2014 Ping Xiao Analysis of Accuracy of Queuing Models
CE-14.11 05/16/2014 Sonal Dubey Tools for Data Collection in SETAP Project
CE-14.10 05/15/2014 Andrew Wen Guest-DJ - A Real Time Music Request Application
CE-14.09 05/15/2014 Alexander Birger Email Server for Archiving Field Observation Data
CE- 14.08 05/14/2014 Kleber Sales Performance Evaluation of Data Sensor Platform
CE-14.07 05/12/2014 Serdar Onal Configurable Android Observer Application for Restful Mongo Framework
CE-14.06 05/08/2014 Selman Kahya Smart-Read: Creating New Services by Assessing E-book User Activities
CE-14.05 05/07/2014 Hamid Salehpour Reconfigurable Android Observer App
CE-14.04 05/07/2014 Abhishek Savant Configurable Restful Mongo DB Framework for Mobile Applications
CE-14.03 05/02/2014 Sreenivasen Ramasubramanian Android Application for the Great Sunflower Project
CE - 14.02 04/25/2014 Elizabeth Neethi Joseph Android Mobile Application for SFSU Trees and Shrubs
CE-14.01 04/07/2014 Ning Jiang Internet application research and implementation "Student Books Purchase and Rent Website"
CE-13.17 12/18/2013 Akhil Ravindran Extending Radiology Module for OpenMRS using Dcm4chee as PACS
MT-13.07 12/11/2013 David Webster Systematic Review of Kinetic Applications in Elderly Care and Stroke Rehabilitation with an Experimental Evaluation of Accuracy and Capture Rate
CE-13.16 11/22/2013 Animish Valunjkar WiFi HotSpot for Observation Server Version 1
CE-13.15 11/20/2013 Yan Jin Development and Test of Arden Rules within the Decision Support System for OpenMRS 1.9
CE-13.14 10/30/2013 Jayant Khopale Android Data Collection Management Tool
CE-13.13 10/23/2013 Abinaya Sarva Mothilal Mobile Android Application for ZomBee Watch Citizen Science Project
CE-13.12 10/02/2013 Victor Woeltjen Cross-compilation of Android Applications to Web Applications
CE-13.11 07/08/2013 Bhavna Syal Foodie Tracker: Android Application and Web Application to Track Nutrition Intake
MT-13.06 06/28/2013 Dan Qiao A Case Study on Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Classify Textual Sentences
CE-13.10 05/29/2013 Sunil Kumar Rai GUI for Qiime (Visual Qiime)
CE-13.09 05/29/2013 Sajeev Nair Web Assessment Management System, Using Codeigniter & MySQL
MT-13.05 05/15/2013 Sergey Sergeev Analysis and Optimization of Machine Learning Based Medical Image Registration Framework
MT-13.04 05/15/2013 Marc Sosnick Use of General Purpose Graphics Processors for Realtime Sound Synthesis
CE-13.08 05/14/2013 Sahar Aghajani Genentech Genotype and Phenotype (gGAP)Registry Search Tool
CE-13.07 05/14/2013 Diego Dayan Porting and Extending the Decision Support System for OpenMRS to Version 1.9
CE-13.06 05/13/2013 Asim Zihnioglu Design and Development of ZomBee Watch Citizen Science Website
CE-13.05 05/10/2013 Tingting Sun Web-based House Search System: House for You
MT-13.03 05/09/2013 John Collins Machine Learning for Large Image Datasets
MT-13.02 05/08/2013 Oliver Newland Highly Loss-Sensitive Classification of Protein Crystallizaton Images
CE-13.03 04/26/2013 Divya Muthyala Android SNFCHerps Application with Bulk Observation Data Uploads
CE-13.04 04/26/2013 Meenal Nitin Honap Android Observer App V2 - SNFCHerps
MT-13.01 03/21/2013 Tyler Chapman High-Performance GPU Modeling of Triaxial Galaxy Clusters
CE-13.02 03/13/2013 Shenhaochen Zhu Using Random Forest Machine Learning to Assess and Predict Teamwork Learning in Software Engineering Class 2010
CE-13.01 02/27/2013 Vladimir Bukhin Parks Observer Server and Web Application
CE-12.26 12/17/2012 Navchetan Singh Interfacing an LSP Homebuyer Assistant System with Real Estate APIs
CE-12.25 12/17/2012 Pankaj Thakaji Gadge Development of Benchmaker Java (BMJ)
CE-12.24 12/14/2012 Nikita Attiguppe Dasharath Performance Analysis of Amazon Cloud
CE-12.23 12/14/2012 Aishwarya Iyer Data Collection and Management for Assessment of Teamwork in Software Engineering Education
CE-12.22 12/12/2012 Robert Theis Software Pipeline for Discovering Intron Polymorphisms from Samples of Closely Related Organisms
MT-12.01 12/12/2012 Cassidy Kelly A System for Extracting Study Design Parameters from Nutritional Genomics Abstracts
CE-12.21 12/07/2012 Prajakta Rane Botany Dichotomous Key Conversion System
CE-12.20 11/14/2012 Divya Reddy Anugu The Solar Opportunity Project
CE-12.19 11/08/2012 Markus Neubrand Cross-compiling Android applications to other platforms with XMLVM
CE-12.18 06/26/2012 Kasra Varzaghani The AIRR system; A Drupal based repository for academic program review
CE-12.17 06/11/2012 Tilila El Moujahid Voice over IP using IAX on 802.11s and the OLPC XO laptop
CE-12.15 06/01/2012 Jingjing Liu Software Quality Assurance Using Cloud Computing: Case Study
CE-12.16 06/01/2012 Harsh Vardhan Shrivastava Analysis of Aggregation Operators
CE-12.14 05/29/2012 Spoorthi Marina D Silva Mapping Objective-C API to Java
CE-12.13 05/25/2012 Gavin Dodd gSlideMobile - A Mobile Web Application for the Viewing and Annotation of Scanned Histological Slides
CE-12.12 05/18/2012 Ravnish Narula Enhancement of Explanation of Stanford WebFEATURE System for Function Prediciton in Protein Structures
CE-12.10 05/11/2012 Sonal P. Mahajan Enhancement of Middleware for Stanford WebFEATURE Project
CE-12.11 05/11/2012 Rebecca Ann Lawler Open Reconcile: A Practical Open-Source Ontology-driven Web Application for Term Reconciliation
CE-12.09 05/11/2012 Ryoichi Yokoohji LSP Suitability Maps for the Quality of Urban Locations
CE-12.08 05/02/2012 Asha Rani Hongenalli Chandrappa Pen Input for ER Design Tools
CE-12.06 04/25/2012 Nandeesh Channabasappa Rajashekar Android Field Identification and Data Collection Tool
CE-12.05 04/25/2012 Omkar B. Dangat Field Data Collection Using iOS Technology
CE-12.07 04/25/2012 Xuyuan Si Server for Dichotomous Key & Field Data Collection Application
CE-12.04 04/11/2012 Mani Brundha Kattamuri Distributed Apollo Annotations for ChadoDB
CE-12.03 03/26/2012 Nilaykumar Patel Improvement of the Visualization of Stanford WebFEATURE System for Function Prediction in Protein Structures
CE-12.01 03/07/2012 Nirajkumar Suthar Interval Overlap Tool for Genome Data Stored in Chado DB
CE-12.02 03/07/2012 Vishal Sharma Open Source ER Design Tools with Voice Input Mode
MT-11.08 12/14/2011 Miyuki Suzuki On Missing Organs in Multi-organ Segmentation with Atlas-Guided Approach
CE-11.14 12/07/2011 Joshua Melcon Automatic Memory Management on IOS Devices for Cross Compiled Java Applications
CE-11.15 12/07/2011 Jesus Villar olpcNET - A Collaboration Model
CE-11.12 12/02/2011 Jun Wang Animating Disk-Based Hashing Using AMAS
CE-11.13 12/02/2011 Wilson Kwok CE-11.13
CE-11.11 11/18/2011 Haraitha Subramanyam Transitive Closure of GO Ontology
CE-11.10 08/22/2011 Mandar Modgi Web Applications for Academic Bioinformatics Applications - case Study of Stanford FEATURE project
CE-11.09 08/16/2011 Wei Luo International Purchase Information Platform
MT-11.07 08/04/2011 Emory Omar Mark Al-Imam Managing Data in Mobile Contexts using Smartphones and Digital Pens
CE-11.08 08/02/2011 Manori Thakur Debugger on the Android Platform
MT-11.06 07/08/2011 William Murad MS2DB++: Disulfide Bond Determination by Combining Efficient Search and Machine Learning
CE-11.07 06/29/2011 Ameya Athalye Extending the DeBugger Game by Adding 3D Models and Testing Server Scalability
MT-11.05 05/18/2011 Jason D'Silva Visualizing Food-Disease-Gene Networks
MT-11.04 05/17/2011 Kayven Riese Evidence-Derived Proteome-Wide Subcellular Location – A Basis Partitioning for Classification Systems
CE-11.06 05/11/2011 Sindhu Gonaguntla Personalized Homepage Application
CE-11.05 05/11/2011 Ramakrishna Nadella Benchmarker Web Interface
CE-11.04 05/11/2011 Qianjun Yang Job Search Internet Application, A Drupal Based Implementation
CE-11.03 05/04/2011 Sean Ormbrek An Open Source Scientific Portal Application
MT-11.02 04/19/2011 Gurgen Tumanyan Recognition of Protein Binding Sites Using Support Vector Machines
MT-11.01 03/23/2011 Saurabh Gupte Mining Regular Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Multiple Protein Folding Trajectories
CE-11.02 02/23/2011 Runtang Wang Improvement of E-portfolio and Lesson Plan Creation Tool for Mild/Moderate Special Education Program at SFSU
CE-11.01 02/22/2011 Divya Smrithy Kommineni Personalized RSS Feed Portal
MT-10.06 12/15/2010 Yoshihiro Tanaka A Case Study of DHT Functionality: Range Query on DHT
CE-10.24 12/15/2010 Benjamin Tran Testing the OLPC School Server
CE-10.23 12/15/2010 Srijita Shrestha User Interface Design for Electronic Teamwork Assessment Tool (e-TAT)
CE-10.22 12/15/2010 Ryohei Nakata Multimedia E-commerce Web Application
CE-10.21 12/10/2010 Sanket Parab Design and Development of Architecture and System Integration for Electronic Teamwork Assessment Tool e-TAT
CE-10.20 12/09/2010 Jinesh Lalan Cloud Computing for Bioinformatics: An EC2 Case Study
CE-10.19 12/09/2010 Himanshu Bhaisare Automatic Generation of Java Benchmarks
CE-10.18 12/08/2010 Rahul Parte Performance Analysis of Computers with Multicore Processors
CE-10.17 12/01/2010 Anirudh Shukla RSS Feed Management System
CE-10.16 11/17/2010 Amruta Kanetkar EasyQuery: A Flexible Data Querying Tool for Complex Databases
MT-10.05 10/29/2010 Niranjan Timilsina Development of a Stained Cell Nuclei Counting System
CE-10.15 10/06/2010 Pranay Vadel Enhancing of eSurvey for Open Source Distribution
CE-10.14 09/29/2010 Gurdeep Singh Design and Development of the Survey Tool for Software Engineering Teamwork AssessmentÂ
CE-10.13 09/28/2010 Nidhi Maniyar Population Assignment Problem Utilizing Support Vector Machine Algorithm and Domain-Specific Distance Measures
CE-10.12 09/07/2010 Ravi Soni Database and Data Mining Tools for Electronic Teamwork Assessment Tool e-TAT
CE-10.10 08/03/2010 Vivekanand S. Rao Web Based Data Load Tool
CE-10.09 05/19/2010 Yang Yang Implementation of Work-flow Management System
MT-10.04 05/13/2010 Abhishek Sharma Semantics-Based Extraction of Relationships (SEMXTOR) in Biomedical Text
MT-10.03 05/12/2010 Rajesh Swaminathan Opinion Mining for Biomedical Data: Feature Space Design and Selection
CE-10.08 05/12/2010 Michalis Andreas Pittas Location Suitability Maps Based on the LSP Method
MT-10.02 05/12/2010 Yang Zhao Machine Learning Based Image Registration
CE-10.07 05/12/2010 Nicolas Roussis MyLSP Web Application and SWOT Framework Analysis
CE-10.06 05/12/2010 Tomi Haryanto iPage Personalized Web Page
CE-10.05 05/05/2010 Zhenning Tang The Authoring Subsystem v.2 for the Video Training System (VTS)
CE-10.04 05/05/2010 Duc N. Ta The Player Subsystem for the Video Training System (VTS)
MT-10.01 05/04/2010 Alex Plotitsa Counting Functions of Magic Labellings
CE-10.03 04/29/2010 Sara Ismail Tily GO Visual Browser
CE-10.02 04/22/2010 Yuko Yokobayashi Berger A Practical Robot Application for Use In Teaching Operating Systems
CE-09.16 12/17/2009 Marcello A. de Sales, Jr. A Key-Value-based Persistence Model for Sensor Networks
CE-09.17 12/17/2009 Ajay Mysore Hybrid Approach for Classifying and Summarizing Multiple Documents
MT-09.05 10/14/2009 Ngoc Lam-Miller An Electronic Portfolio and Assessment Management System
CE-09.15 10/08/2009 Xinhang Shao A Web-based Lesson Plan Creator for Mild/Moderate Special Education Program at SFSU
CE-09.14 10/07/2009 Rushan Cheng Personalized Homepage Using Web 2.0 Technologies
CE-10.11 08/17/2009 Surabhi Nigamn Storing & Analyzing Methylation Data in Chado DB
MT-09.04 08/13/2009 Teresa L. Johnson A Leaky Bucket Policing Agent for Site-wide Congestion Control
CE-09.12 08/12/2009 Zoran Milic Developing and Deploying a Prototype of "Nursetown", a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game in Education
CE-09.11 08/12/2009 Krishnan Devarajan Developing Customizable Personal Webpage
CE-09.13 08/12/2009 Neha Bhargava Dynamic Personalized Web Page
CE-09.10 07/30/2009 Ilias Konstantinidis An Aspect-Oriented Framework for XMLVM
CE-09.09 07/27/2009 Vaibhav Khedekar Entering and Configuring Complex Queries for Chado
CE-09.08 06/27/2009 Ashish Kshirsagar Visualizing and Querying General Application Schema
CE-09.07 06/22/2009 Jose Eguizabal Coagen, A Program for the Creation of Synthetic DNA Sequences
MT-09.03 06/19/2009 Benjamin Dalziel XMAS: An Experiential, Time Series Microarray Data Analysis System
MT-09.02 05/06/2009 Mehran Kafai Directional Mean Shift
CE-09.06 05/06/2009 Larry Quantz 3D Modeling Tool Enhancements for Polyphenism Study
MT-09.01 05/05/2009 Eric Gregory Learning Without Wires: Designing a Serious MMORPG for Science Education for Mobile Devices
CE-10.01 03/17/2009 Rohit Tandon Extending Support of the Educational and Collaboration System Sakai on BlackBerry Devices
CE-09.04 03/04/2009 Sadia Arslan Web 2.0 Customized Homepage Application
CE-09.05 03/04/2009 Titarat Thongchankaeo, Posthumous Authoring Subsytem for the Video Training System
CE-09.03 02/24/2009 Gary D. Thompson Teaching and Assessment Methods for Practical and Global Software Engineering Education
CE-09.02 02/18/2009 Rodrigo Esteban Salas Development of Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Periapical Lesions
CE-09.01 02/03/2009 Yiyi Miao Pulmonary Structure Classification Using Bayesian Framework
CE-08.20 12/11/2008 Prajakta Pradeep Chakurkar A Benhmarking Comparison of TCP Reno and TCP Vegas
CE-08.19 12/11/2008 Varun Gulhane eTest2: Evaluation and Improvements
CE-08.18 12/05/2008 Amol Deodhar Web Based Event Generator for Network Management
CE-08.17 12/05/2008 Munawwar Peshimam Web Based Event Manager for Network Testing
CE-08.16 12/04/2008 Sandy Ngo Reintroduction of Control and Exception Structures to Java Byte Code
CE-08.15 12/03/2008 Kalpesh Gada User Interface for Chado Database Schema
CE-08.14 12/02/2008 Long Huynh Building a Scalable Data Management Framework
CE-08.12 11/19/2008 Prachi Gujar Improving Performance of Queries for Chado Database Schema
CE-08.11 11/19/2008 Zheng Xu NetBeans Module to Map ER Schema Into EJB 3.0 Java Persistence
CE-08.13 11/19/2008 Alison Hughes Embedded Wireless MIDI Control Over IEEE 802.11 Using RTP MIDI
CE-08.10 11/13/2008 Jessica Lee Byte Code Transformations in XMLVM: A Declarative Approach
CE-08.09 11/07/2008 Devang Shah 3D Virtual World Development for Multiplayer Game, "Nursetown" for Nursing Education
CE-08.08 08/11/2008 Abhishek Rao A Workflow Management System for Web Server Benchmarking
CE-08.07 08/11/2008 Pamela Das Provenance Management for Scientific Data
MT-08.06 07/22/2008 Michael Scott Bishop Motion Capture Data Transformation
CE-08.06 07/07/2008 Jody Vandergriff WebDAM: Web-Based Digital Asset Management Platform for Academic Use
CE-08.05 06/13/2008 Umakant Gundeli A Scripting Approach to Automate TCP Benchmarking
MT-08.05 06/13/2008 Edgar Kwen-Wei Liu MICA: 3D Medical Image Collaborative Annotator
MT-08.04 06/13/2008 Lawrence Rocco Varela An Automated Approach for Chromosome Territory Simulation
CE-08.04 05/23/2008 Jalpa P. Trivedi Data Mining Using Existing Dichotomous Keys
MT-08.03 05/07/2008 Steve Rysavy Segmentation of Periapical Lesions
MT-08.02 05/07/2008 Arturo Flores Classification of Large Periapical Lesions
CE-08.02 04/23/2008 Aditi R. Oza Dichotomous Key Storage and Reduction
CE-08.03 04/23/2008 Maria Villarreal GradeBook: A Grading Tool for Moodle
CE-08.01 04/10/2008 Ramin Safaie Biogenetic Publication Reference Database
MT-08.01 03/14/2008 Lin Han An Effective Approach to Identifying and Categorizing Evolving 3D Structural Motifs in Protein Folding Data
CE-07.30 12/14/2007 Bilsay Yildirim eTest: A System to Automate Testing for Introductory Level Software Developers
CE-07.29 12/13/2007 Rohit Kataria New Meta-Schema for New ER Design Tools – Front End
CE-07.26 12/12/2007 Anupama Sharma Web Archive Analyses Tool
CE-07.28 12/11/2007 Jenny Gutierrez A Tool for Specifying and Retrieving Data Provenance
CE-07.27 12/11/2007 Supakit Kiatrungrit Framework for Serious Game with Easily Pluggable Content
CE-07.25 12/06/2007 Rahul Kataria Generic Schema Conversion Code for New ER Design Tools Server
CE-07.24 12/05/2007 Rony Lim Exons Embedded in Intron Sequences
CE-07.23 10/17/2007 David Frank CluViz – A Web-Based Cluster Health Visualization Application
CE-07.22 10/05/2007 Sugam Khokhani Fully Implementing SQL3 User Defined Types in the ER Design Tools
CE-07.21 06/13/2007 Shalin Patel XNetEm: A Linux based network emulation tool
CE-07.20 06/01/2007 Jianming Luo FAST TCP Congestion Control Module Implementation and Evaluation in Linux Kernel 2.6
CE-07.19 05/30/2007 Danielle Gilbert Validation of Support Vector Machine Techniques for Assessment of Genotype-Phenotype Association
CE-07.18 05/23/2007 Vaidehi Mehta Image Annotation
CE-07.17 05/21/2007 Jae-Woo Park Web Development of Collaboration and Learning Environment through Sakai Community Source
CE-07.16 05/15/2007 Greydon Buckley Interfacing the LSP Method with e-commerce Web Sites
CE-07.15 05/15/2007 Tharawit Disyawongs Customizer of LSP Method for Nonprofessional Users
CE-07.14 05/15/2007 Jian Hui Zhen A Tool for Visualization and Animation of Aggregation Operators (VISAG)
CE-07.13 05/15/2007 Peter Kacherginsky Systems Security Evaluation Using LSP Method
CE-07.12 05/10/2007 Haishi Bai Evaluation and Comparison of Search Engines Using the LSP Method
MT-07.01 05/09/2007 Eric Etu An Algorithm For Deriving Characteristic Polynomials Of Hyperplane Arrangements
CE-07.11 05/08/2007 Igor Myroshnichenko Mapping ER Schemas to OWL Ontologies in the SFSU ER Design Tools
CE-07.10 05/08/2007 Syed Ali WAN Emulator: A tool for emulating networks with packet delay and loss
CE-07.09 05/04/2007 Neha Arora Video Database API for the MouseCam Project
CE-07.08 04/25/2007 Stacie Riddle Video Database API for the MouseCam Project
CE-07.06 04/17/2007 Suhel Parekh Encryption Techniques for Annotizer
CE-07.07 04/16/2007 Swaroop Bangalore Suresh Web Based Data Management System for Experimental Data
CE-07.05 03/28/2007 Ufuk Okuyuku Peer Selection in DHT
CE-07.03 03/20/2007 I-Yang Hsiao The Management System for Annotizer WWW Annotation System
CE-07.02 03/09/2007 Aizaz Hakro Multicast for Parallel Stream Processing
CE-07.01 03/07/2007 Hendra Lim A Computer Vision-Based Approach for Biological Phenotyping Using Joint Probability Distribution and ROI Hierarchy Approach
CE-06.15 12/22/2006 Chunyong Fei Incorporating Global Sketch Features into Digital Ink Clustering
CE-07.04 12/13/2006 Tushar Vaish Workflow Management System in a Jini Network
CE-06.12 12/12/2006 Amar Shah Enhanced Interactive Online Classroom System with Automatic Video Indexing
CE-06.14 12/12/2006 Juan Camilo Pinzon Event-based Personal Multimedia Management
CE-06.11 12/01/2006 Edward Otis Johnson III HIVM, An Application for Prediction of HIV Drug Resistance using Support Vector Machine Algorithm
CE-06.10 11/17/2006 Tammy Pui Shan Chan FreeFlow - Information Management and Analysis Tool for Drug Discovery
CE-06.09 11/14/2006 Bibek Bhattarai Event-based Modeling and Analysis of Web Database Usage Patterns
CE-06.08 10/20/2006 Cenk Perkiner Design of Collaborative WWW site for Hedgehog Gene Pathway Data
CE-06.07 09/22/2006 Anita Bhatt Adding a Native XML Database to the Newer ERTools XML Databus
CE-06.06 09/13/2006 Wei-Cheng Sun A flexible and scalable Really Simple Syndication application using OpenDHT
CE-06.05 08/29/2006 Niveditha V. Thondoti Validating TCP tuning parameters over Wireless links
MT-06.02 08/15/2006 Yi-Chun Nikko Cheng Length Prediction of Straight Gestures Pen-based Applications
CE-06.04 08/11/2006 Preeti Malik FreeFlow – Drug Database and Analysis Tool
CE-06.03 08/11/2006 Ya-Wen Hsu Exploring Alternative Strategies for Presentation of Results from Web Searches
CE-06.02 08/04/2006 Sheng Huang Audio Mode Output for ER Design Tool
MT-06.01 07/26/2006 Tracie-Lynne Hong 3D Modeling Through Generic Part Morphing and Image Matching
CE-06.01 07/03/2006 Navdeep Singh Sandhu Mapping ER/SQL Schema into XML Schema