CE - 14.02

Android Mobile Application for SFSU Trees and Shrubs


Elizabeth Neethi Joseph

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, April 25, 2014 - 15:10


TH 434


Professors Murphy, Petkovic, and Wong


The SFSU Trees and Shrubs application is a user-friendly mobile application designed to locate, observe and provide information about trees, shrubs and plants growing on the campus grounds of SFSU. This Android application displays a list of trees and shrubs growing on SFSU campus; provides information about the plants, provides directions to their locations, and allows the user to record observations and share them by email. The plant lists are downloaded from a server and stored on the device for off-line use. Before the development of this app, locating plants on campus required one to be dependent on the campus grounds maintenance crew members, who have the most information about plants growing on campus. This app provides a graphical user interface with a map and directions to find trees on campus, view information about them, store one’s observation data and share all these via email. The features of downloading plant lists from a server and storing them on the device were added and integrated with the Android Observer App V2- SNFCHerps developed by Meenal Nitin Honap and Divya Muthyala, which was modified to display plants instead of herps and include a map interface for each plant to locate the plant. Modern Software Engineering processes were used to complete this project and User Centered Designs were made to enhance the user experience. A usability survey was conducted on this application by 11 students doing field trial. The overall response of the survey was positive and confirmed that the application was easy to install and use and gave the desired results. The SFSU Trees and Shrubs application can be downloaded and used on any Android Device Version 2.2 or higher and requires an internet connection, to download the most up-to-date plant lists. The code of this application is distributed as open source.

Elizabeth Neethi Joseph

Plant Lists, Server, Maps, Location, Directions