A flexible and scalable Really Simple Syndication application using OpenDHT


Wei-Cheng Sun

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 - 21:30


TH 907


9:30 am


Prof. Puder, Prof. Petkovic


Current conventional RSS infrastructure suffers scalability problems. As the population of subscriber increases, uncontrolled persistent polling and superfluity retransmission of data create enormous bandwidth load to RSS servers. Addressing the problem, content providers consequently adopt various approaches such as minimum pull period and feed outsourcing. Unfortunately, these approaches merely avoid but do not solve the scalability problem. To solve the scalability problem, we propose a new RSS infrastructure, RSSDHT. RSSDHT reverses the traditional client/server model by utilizing a publicly available Distributed Hash Table service, OpenDHT. RSSDHT offers great scalability to both large number of RSS channels and subscriber population while maintaining efficient item delivery and low bandwidth requirement. A prototype is built for demonstrating purpose and experiments are conducted to evaluate the theory. The experimental results confirm RSSDHT is able to reduce bandwidth requirement and provide efficient delivery at the same time.

Wei-Cheng Sun

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, RSS Aggregation, DHT, Distributed Hash Table, Distributed System, OpenDHT