Adding a Native XML Database to the Newer ERTools XML Databus


Anita Bhatt

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, September 22, 2006 - 16:00


TH 935


4:00 PM


Prof. Murphy, Prof. Petkovic


The world is experiencing a digital revolution with increasing user volumes and data complexity. There is a commensurate need towards building efficient data transfer and storage solutions to promote seamless information exchange amongst various applications (online, desktop, server, etc). XML data format has been globally accepted as the data interoperability standard to provide enhanced data handling and presentation capabilities to software applications. This flexibility of XML data coupled with the storage versatility of a database system serves as the underlying foundation of this project. The specific goal of this project is to implement new Load and Dump algorithms using the Java dbXML Client-Server API. This API supports efficient XML data file transfer to/from the database system while preserving XML data integrity and enabling optimized document storage and retrieval. The Load algorithm supports storing XML documents in an XML-database, whereas the Dump algorithm supports reading XML-database contents into XML files stored as native Windows files. To demonstrate the effectiveness of our software, a comprehensive ER Schema example was created and translated to XML-Schema for testing purposes. The Load and Dump routines produce correct output and have good performance, demonstrating that this proposed implementation strategy is feasible.

Anita Bhatt

ER, XML, Schema, Java, Load and Dump