FreeFlow - Information Management and Analysis Tool for Drug Discovery


Tammy Pui Shan Chan

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, November 17, 2006 - 16:00


TH 935


4:00 PM


Prof. Singh, Prof. Petkovic


While High Throughput Screening (HTS) techniques are capable of generating large amounts of biologically significant data, assimilating and mining this information can be extremely complex and potentially crucial information patterns can easily be lost in the mounds of data. The predominantly life-science oriented scientific training of the researchers in this area furthermore, precludes their using complex querying or data-mining algorithms. Keeping in account these challenges, our goal in this research is to provide a highly intuitive environment for storing, processing and interacting with large amounts of HTS assay data. An information management and analysis system for drug discovery, FreeFlowDB, is developed for efficient capture of multitude and heterogeneous data and effective data processing and analysis. FreeFlowDB also provides a comprehensive data visualization platform with rich graphical and intuitive user interface to enrich user-data interaction for knowledge discovery. User can perform data analysis of biological activity data, along with chemical drug structures to explore structure-activity relationship, as well as to visualize HTS experimental data in plate view or in various graphs and plots at different granularity levels so as to get a better picture of the underlying assay data. Case studies and experiments demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed approach in terms of its ease of use as well as its capability to discern complex information patterns in the data.

Tammy Pui Shan Chan

high throughput screening, interaction and visualization of complex data, structure activity relationship, drug discovery

Date Report Of Completion Filed : 11/29/2006