Enhanced Interactive Online Classroom System with Automatic Video Indexing


Amar Shah

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 - 16:30




4:30 PM


Prof. Ilmi Yoon, Prof. Kazunori Okada


Today, most of the existing distance education systems lack the interaction between students and professors. Thus, the purpose of this project (Interactive Online Classroom System) is to add some advance features, which provide better interaction between students and professors, to already existing distance education system. The advance features include live and archive videos of the lectures with captioning, live chat, automatic video indexing, and search clips. We enhance the existing voce recognition system by adding the lexicon system to improve the quality of the speech recognition by adding new words, which are not available in normal recognition dictionary. The features are supported by two steps. Step 1 works with existing video capturing system such as Helix Producer and produces texts voice recognizing the lectures and transmits the texts on the Internet along with video. The second step creates automatically indexed video clips using the texts generated during the first step. Step 2 also captures still images and keywords for indexed clips. The lectures' videos and clips are embedded in the Moodle, which is a popular course management system. IOC provides search capability that students can locate the desired video clips by entering keywords. While watching the live video of the lecture, students can also ask questions to professor using live chat. Therefore, the improved IOC provides effective interaction between students and professor to enhance the effectiveness of distance education.

Amar Shah

Helix Producer, Helix Server, Chant Speech kit, Moodle, SAPI, Real Player