The Management System for Annotizer WWW Annotation System


I-Yang Hsiao

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 - 17:00


TH 935


5:00 PM


Prof. Dragutin Petkovic, Prof. Ilmi Yoon


The objective of this project was to build an administration subsystem to manage the SFSU Annotizer web annotation system. Annotizer is a user-friendly WWW annotation and comment system for collaboration in scientific research and educational environments. In Annotizer, a verified user can add, modify, or search comments associated with annotations on Web contents. New users are approved by Annotizer administrator. The community feature of Annotizer provides distinct discussion environments for heterogeneous scientific research groups. These features make extensive usage of backend methods which manipulate varied data types in the relational database such as user and community data, the contribution of users and community members, user annotations and comments, annotation URL and selected HTML contents, and essential XML pattern system configuration files. Hence, the Annotizer requires easy to use management system. In this project we built a Web-based Annotizer Administration System with a user-friendly UI so that administrators with a limited knowledge of computer systems could efficiently achieve the following tasks: User Management, Community Management, Annotation Management, System Configuration, and Email Templates Management. The Web-based Annotizer Management System helps administrators to manage and maintain the Annotizer web site without directly accessing database, web content and configuration files. This ensures the efficiency, security, and high usability of the system. In order to achieve those features and to benefit from ease-of-use, we designed the UI using a User-Centered Design method. Overall, we followed the Software Engineering methodology to develop our system and adopted the Incremental Approach to easily integrate additional functions into the system. The implementation of our system was based on the architecture of the Annotizer developed by Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Servlets technology cooperating with MySQL database system to provide high reliability and stability. A basic QA and usability evaluation was used to improve the design of our management subsystem.

I-Yang Hsiao

Web administration systems, Web management, Annotizer annotation system, JSP, Servlets