Peer Selection in DHT


Ufuk Okuyuku

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 - 16:00


TH 907


4:00 PM


Prof. Arno Puder, Prof. James Wong


Peer Selection is widely used in peer-to-peer application domain in several applications including configuring application-specific topologies and centralizing networks with symmetric nodes. For such applications, providing Peer Selection as part of the infrastructure will allow peer-to-peer application designers to concentrate more on application logic. This study elaborates the Peer Selection on a variety of overlay networks and Distributed Hash Tables (DHT). Known Peer Selection algorithms are revisited and analyzed for the applicability on different overlay networks. Following this analysis, two custom Peer Selection approaches are introduced for DHT and OpenDHT. DHT, providing an infrastructure for peer-to-peer applications, seems to be a promising approach to the known distributed systems barriers. By establishing our ideas on DHT we believe that Peer Selection will be used extensively and will lead to other services being built on DHT.

Ufuk Okuyuku

Peer-to-peer applications, Distributed Hash Table, OpenDHT, Peer Selection algorithms