Mapping ER Schemas to OWL Ontologies in the SFSU ER Design Tools


Igor Myroshnichenko

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, May 8, 2007 - 17:00


TH 935


5:00 PM


Professor Marguerite Murphy, Professor Dragutin Petkovic


As the Semantic Web initiative gains momentum, a fundamental problem of porting existing data-intensive WWW applications to the new infrastructure emerges. This problem is the motivation behind the project we are proposing: Mapping Entity-Relationship (ER) Schemas to OWL Ontologies in the SFSU ER Design Tools. The primary goal of this effort is to formulate, document, and experimentally validate the process of mapping schemas created with the ER Model to ontologies written in the most syntactically strict subset of the OWL language, OWL Lite. In this report we present the set of ER to OWL mapping rules we developed in the context of a collection of sample schemas and ontologies. We demonstrate how the rules can be implemented in the form of a mapping algorithm and implemented within the existing ER Design Tools software. In addition, we summarize the results of two mapping experiments that we conducted which demonstrate the effectiveness of our mapping approach with respect to maintenance of application semantics.

Igor Myroshnichenko

semantic web, ontology, entity-relationship model, schema mapping tools