Customizer of LSP Method for Nonprofessional Users


Tharawit Disyawongs

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 - 17:00


TH 935


5:00 PM


Professor Jozo Dujmovic, and Professor Ilmi Yoon


In this project we present a software tool called Customizer of LSP Method for Non-Professional Users (LSPNP). This tool is a part of system evaluation methodology called the LSP (Logic Scoring of Preference) method. The tool is designed to help non-professional users to easily use the LSP method. The objective of this tool is to reduce the complexity of LSP method for general users, and help them customize and successfully apply LSP criteria without requirements for LSP theoretical background. The users of LSPNP are assumed to be general users who want to use and/or modify existing criteria for decision making. These users do not have knowledge of mathematical details of the LSP method. To assist such users, the LSPNP provides user friendly GUI, and extensive help and tutorial. We have developed LSPNP in the area of general use such as product or system evaluation.

Tharawit Disyawongs

system evaluation, decision support, LSP Method