Image Annotation


Vaidehi Mehta

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 - 16:30


TH 935


4:30 PM


Professor Dragutin Petkovic, Professor Ilmi Yoon


The image annotation is a novel application for asynchronously annotating images on WWW pages, which can be a viable approach to improve the quality of web-based collaboration in education, research, document management, and information exchange. The image annotation allows users to outline image regions, associate comments (annotations) with these regions and then share them with other WWW users. The goal of our project was to develop image annotation functionality in the standalone prototype with UI and architecture that would allow easy integration with SFSU Annotizer system. Our system allows users to easily outline image regions and attach annotations to those regions, then submit them to central database for sharing. The system also allows viewing and searching of those annotations. This standalone system was built in Java environment using Document Object Model (DOM), JavaScript, Servlets, and JSP technologies. MySql and Apache Tomcat are used as Database Server and Web Server thus making it a three-tiered architect system. To ensure ease of use a user survey was conducted and users were asked to rate the prototype. Based on their feedback and evaluation – changes were made thus leading to a refined UI. Various test cases were conducted to ensure proper functioning of the system.

Vaidehi Mehta

image annotations, WWW collaborations