Framework for Serious Game with Easily Pluggable Content


Supakit Kiatrungrit

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 - 16:00


HSS 282


4:00 PM


Professors Ilmi Yoon & Bill Hsu


In this project, we present a prototype of framework for authoring serious games. Authoring serious games is a challenging task because (1) most educators in diverse fields are not familiar with developing games or interacting with game developers, (2) game designers or developers do not have knowledge of the specific field for which the game is being developed, (3) it is difficult to assess the amount of benefit gained from playing the game, therefore it is difficult to integrate educational components into games that provide a solid learning experience. The framework developed in this project is inspired by the idea of traditional board games. For instance, traditional board game like Cranium™ contains educational components achieved by competition between the players of the game. In addition, board games are flexible for embedding training, game-based learning effect and facilitate easy switching from one educational domain to the other. The framework consists of easily configurable board game in 3D environments as well as immersive simulations using motion-captured 3D character animations. The contents are provided by professors at nursing department and the game is called "Nursing Life." The game contents can be easily adjusted from a web browser that allows the game to evolve with rich educational contents over time.

Supakit Kiatrungrit

Serious game, Pluggable contents, Nurse training.