eTest: A System to Automate Testing for Introductory Level Software Developers


Bilsay Yildirim

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, December 14, 2007 - 16:00


HH 201


4:00 PM


Professors Marguerite Murphy & Dragutin Petkovic


It is crucial for introductory level software developers to understand the components and concepts of each stage of the software development process from the beginning of their education in Computer Science. By directly involving introductory level software developers in different aspects of standard software development processes, we anticipate that they will become competent programmers at an early stage. eTest, which is a J2EE web based application, enables introductory level software developers to experience the testing phase of software development. This tool allows users to define the elements of function prototypes step by step, and to use their own JAVA implementations of these function prototypes to go through a complete validation processes, both with their own test cases and with the test cases that other introductory level software developers have submitted to the system. eTest is currently fully operational and ready for a formal usability study and evaluation of its effectiveness as an instructional tool.

Bilsay Yildirim

Automated Software Testing, Java, J2EE, Introductory level software.