GradeBook: A Grading Tool for Moodle


Maria Villarreal

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 - 17:30


TH 935


5:30 PM


Professor Murphy and Professor Yang


Moodle, an open source Course Management System, is utilized to set up and maintain courses over the Internet. Moodle lacked the functionality to store offline grades, and to compute final grades. It also had design deficiencies that the author has attempted to address. Therefore, the author developed GradeBook, then reviewed and revised it, to collect all online and offline grades and to store them in a central database. In addition, the functions of GradeBook include exporting grades to text files and Microsoft Excel files, weighing grades, changing the grade format of offline grades, and a calculated column tool that allows the user to create a personalized final grade algorithm. GradeBook is a web-based tool designed using HTML, JavaScript and PHP and stores data in MySQL database. It can also be implemented using Oracle or PostgreSQL database.

Maria Villarreal

Moodle, Course Management System, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, grade book