A Workflow Management System for Web Server Benchmarking


Abhishek Rao

Oral Defence Date: 

Monday, August 11, 2008 - 15:00


TH 331


Professors Marguerite Murphy & Dragutin Petkovic


Benchmarking is an important technique used to evaluate the performance of web servers. Benchmarking of a web server using Autobench/httperf is a complex process because it involves making changes to kernel variables and experimenting with configuration parameters as well as generating workload against the server and recording performance measurements. Unfortunately, like most benchmarking tools, Autobench/httperf store experimental results in simple text files and require the user to manually manage all of the associated experimental metadata. The TCP PERF Suite is a Scientific Data Management system being designed and implemented at SFSU to addresses these concerns. This system provides a fully functional Web based application that not only automates the benchmarking process, but also allows users to retrieve all of the experimental metadata associated with benchmarking experiments executed using this system. The goal of the project presented in this report is to design and implement a workflow management subsystem for the TCP PERF Suite of tools. The workflow manager acts as a coordinator between the Web interface (that the user invokes to set up a benchmarking experiment) and the provenance management subsystem (which allows the retrieval of experimental results and their associated metadata). This web application is fully functional and overcomes many of the drawbacks of traditional web server benchmarking, thereby simplifying the overall process of monitoring web server performance.

Abhishek Rao

Autobench, Scientific Data Management System, Workflow subsystem