3D Virtual World Development for Multiplayer Game, "Nursetown" for Nursing Education


Devang Shah

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, November 7, 2008 - 15:30


SCI 241




Professors Ilmi Yoon & Dragutin Petkovic


The use of computer games as training tools has deeply influenced the educational community for a long time and been called game-based learning, edutainment or Serious Games. However, Serious Games (games for educational purposes) have challenges of providing constant fun or user engagements compared to ordinary games. It is because adding well-structured pedagogy into the game may break the game contents that provide fun to players; interleaving game flow with pedagogy is non-trivial and actually there are not many experts who understand game development and domain experts at the same time. Recent huge success of MMORPG games or social network have demonstrated strong potential to be used for frame work for Serious Games since social interactions ( competitions, cooperation, communications) constitute the major fun factor of MMORPG. SFSU School of Nursing and Computer Science dept collaboratively develops MMORPG-based Serious Game, “Nursetown” for nursing education. Nursetown provides a common, immersive platform for students to socialize, learn, and compete against each other; all for the purpose of gaining domain specific knowledge. My master project contributes to this project by converting Quiz show-based standalone game into Multiplayer Online game; specifically, Virtual 3D world, diverse social interactions, navigation within the Virtual world and communication protocols that Nursetown (Panda3D game engine) clients and a Java server.

Devang Shah

Serious Game, MMORPG, virtual worlds