Web Based Event Manager for Network Testing


Munawwar Peshimam

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, December 5, 2008 - 13:00


SCI 241


1:00 PM


Professors James Wong and Gerald Eisman


This thesis introduces a web based event manager - a network management tool capable of setting and clearing alarms on network devices, enabling network management engineers to manage devices and events using a convenient web based utility. The tool was conceptualized by engineers of the NMTG unit at Cisco and was designed and implemented by a team lead by Paul Nguyen and Viren Desai from Cisco Systems, San Jose. The implementation team included Amol Deodhar and me, graduate students from San Francisco State University as well as engineers from Cisco. Amol and I worked closely with the entire team at Cisco to productize the concept and deliver a convenient, easy to use web based interface. The tool provides basic features like device and event management, setting and clearing of alarms on the devices, and user registration and login. The product also includes certain added features like reporting. In this project I worked on the device page and associated functionality, the snmp set utility and the reports functionality. This report provides an in-depth view into the concepts that define the tool. It also presents the design, implementation and use cases of all the modules developed by me.

Munawwar Peshimam

SNMP, Network management, Network testing