Authoring Subsytem for the Video Training System


Titarat Thongchankaeo, Posthumous

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 - 15:00




Professors Marguerite Murphy & James Wong


Video is a media type that can effectively deliver a large amount of information. This characteristic has made a very popular means of entertainment. Audiences are fascinated by the images and sounds that video brings. This medium can also serve as an efficient kind of visual aid to help students understand lessons more easily. A learning system that uses video to communicate information can minimize the use of text, which in many cases is difficult for students to understand. Using video instead of text will transform the traditional text-based learning system into a video-based learning system. Video Training System (VTS) is a video-based Web Application under development in the Computer Science Department at SFSU. Users interact with VTS by directing a Web Browser to a lesson step page, viewing the associated video, and then selecting the next lesson step from among the options displayed on the current page. Internally, VTS organizes video clips into a directed graph in which each node contains a single video clip and a collection of links to related nodes. The Authoring Subsystem allows instructors to create new lessons by uploading video clips and organizing the linkages between individual lesson steps. This report presents the design of the backend database schema used to support VTS as well as the User Interface and Storyboard developed specifically to support the VTS Authoring Subsystem.

Titarat Thongchankaeo, Posthumous

Computer aided learning, distance learning, web tools, video authoring.