Developing Customizable Personal Webpage


Krishnan Devarajan

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - 17:00


TH 331


5:00 p.m.


Prof. James Wong and Dragutin Petkovic


With the arrival of new Web 2.0 technologies for dynamic web development, there has been a migration of many desktop applications to web based applications. A number of desktop services like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk are now available as web services known as web gadgets and are scattered across different sites offering them. This dispersal of services across the web world has made organizing and accessing them a challenge. There are many personal home page services like igoogle, my yahoo, Netvibes, page flakes etc which allow users to organize their web gadgets and access them form a single site. Web 2.0 has made it easier to design and implement such web sites using simple and easy to use dynamic scripts and services. This project aims in developing a similar home page service with a simple design. In this project users can organize all their information distributed across various websites using web gadgets known as widgets. Users can add their preferred widgets and organize them in three different columns by dragging and dropping between them. The application will remember the user preferences and widget organization and will display the same persistent outlay each time the user signs in to the application. The user can also perform web search using Google or Yahoo search services. The user can access all his scattered information in a single page thus avoiding the hassle of visiting all his favorite web sites separately. This project demonstrates the usefulness of widget organizing sites and the ease with which it can be built using Web 2.0 technologies.

Krishnan Devarajan

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