Dynamic Personalized Web Page


Neha Bhargava

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - 15:45


TH 331


3:45 p.m.


Professors James Wong & Marguerite Murphy


In today’s dynamic and ever-changing web environment, users demand friendlier and more personalized interactions with web content. One of the latest technologies that attempt to meet this need is a set of applications that packages several emerging technologies into a single source termed a “personalized web application”. The “personalized web page” makes use of cutting edge technologies to build attractive, highly interactive and responsive web environments. To encompass and capture the abundant web content and user defined information in a single location the personalized web applications leverages a combination of third party miniature applications or existing application programming interface (API). This allows the user to customize, modify and personalize web pages based on individual preferences, characteristics or interests. This project describes a personalized web application, namely, the Dynamic Personalized Web Page. It provides a novice user the ability and tools to utilize pre-populated fields, drag and drop based interactions to request more information, respond to offers, or incorporate on-the-spot customizations by organizing the information on a page that is personalized and appealing to each individual. In addition to page personalization, the application offers a clean persistence layout specific to the individual user or widget management. To accomplish this, several popular widgets such as RSS Feed, Google Map and YouTube were implemented as integral parts of the application. This project serves the main objective of learning and implementing the latest technologies in order to create a useful and popular web application

Neha Bhargava

Personalized Web Page, Customizable Web Page, Widgets, Drag and Drop, RSS Reader, RSS Feed, Google Map, YouTube, AJAX, Web 2.0, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery