A Web-based Lesson Plan Creator for Mild/Moderate Special Education Program at SFSU


Xinhang Shao

Oral Defence Date: 

Thursday, October 8, 2009 - 22:00


SCI 241


10:00 A.M.


Professor Okada, Professor Murphy


This thesis presents our work for designing and implementing a web-based lesson plan creator for pre-service teacher candidates in special education programs at San Francisco State University. The lesson plan creator system is designed with the idea of shortening the amount of time required for creating sound and evidence-based lesson plans. Additionally, it can help to reduce the workload of teacher candidates as well as improve their professional teaching skills. The web-based application uses three-tier client/server architecture as the system framework and utilizes the model-view-controller (MVC) model as its design pattern and applies the advanced JavaServer Pages (JSP) technologies for system developing. Furthermore, this paper offers the results of our usability test, as well as our future plans for further development of this application.

Xinhang Shao

Web-based, Lesson Plan Creator, Evidence-based, JSP, Java Servlet, Client/Server (C/S), Model-View-Controller (MVC)