Extending Support of the Educational and Collaboration System Sakai on BlackBerry Devices


Rohit Tandon

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 - 17:15


TH 331


5:15 PM


Professors Levine and Wong


Educational institutions use Collaboration and Learning Environments (CLE) to support their IT needs. Sakai is one such CLE that provides an array of tools. Being open source project, it is available at no cost and provides flexibility to the institutions to customize it as per their needs. Hand held devices such as BlackBerry are increasingly being used by students and faculty members to access their emails and work online even when they are mobile. Although Sakai offers many collaboration and communication tools such as announcements, discussion forums and chat, these tools are targeted for web browsers and do not support BlackBerry devices. In this research project we analyze the implementation issues in order to support such devices, propose solution options and testing model using BlackBerry simulators, and make four tools available for BlackBerry devices - Information pages, News, Announcements and Discussion Forums. The implementation approach developed for BlackBerry devices can be extended to support other such devices as well.

Rohit Tandon

Sakai, Collaboration and Learning Environment, Support of Sakai on BlackBerry devices