A Practical Robot Application for Use In Teaching Operating Systems


Yuko Yokobayashi Berger

Oral Defence Date: 

Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 11:00


TH 907


Professors Arno Puder, Kaz Okada


Introductory classes in operating systems typically cover such topics as process scheduling, memory management, interaction with hardware, and file systems, among others. In such courses, students can often benefit from seeing theory come to life in the form of an application exemplifying the theory. This report details one such application, a robot floor plan discovery algorithm, intended for use in an operating systems course. In particular, the algorithm and supporting code builds on and extends TOS, the operating system developed by Dr. Arno Puder and used in San Francisco State University’s introductory operating systems theory course. Starting from low-level extensions to TOS itself, the work described in this report also includes wireless connection to a robot, a simulator, a communications protocol, an interactive shell, and the aforementioned floor plan discovery algorithm.


Teaching Operating Systems, Robots, Robot Application, Boe-Bot, Robot Simulator, Floor Plan Discovery, Educational Tools


Yuko Yokobayashi Berger