GO Visual Browser


Sara Ismail Tily

Oral Defence Date: 

Thursday, April 29, 2010 - 10:00


HH 301


10:00 AM


Marguerite Murphy, Kazunori Okada, Christopher Smith Biology


Gene Ontology, or GO, is a large controlled vocabulary (ontology) with pre-defined relations amongst the terms defined in it. GO Visual Browser is an interactive, user-friendly application that allows surfing over controlled vocabularies. The browser interface is designed after analyzing the needs of biologists who intended to use GO, but are not able to access it due to a lack of technical knowledge about database systems. This project addresses the design, implementation and evaluation of the GO Visual Browser: a graphical interface to provide an integrated-view of Gene Ontology terms and relations. This application not only allows users to browse over Gene Ontology entries, but also provides a visualization of terms and relations associated with these terms in a particular sub-ontology. A new graphical interface was designed to simplify and unify ontology browsing. A set of ‘terms’ is defined by each ontology. Browsing involves selecting a specific term and type of ontology relation, and then displaying an interactive map displaying all of the related terms. This application is fully functional and is platform- and browser- independent.

Sara Ismail Tily

Gene Ontology (GO), Visual Browser, Interactive Graphical Interface, Controlled Vocabulary, GO term, Relation.