The Authoring Subsystem v.2 for the Video Training System (VTS)


Zhenning Tang

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - 17:00


SCI 241


5:00 PM


Prof. Murphy and Prof. James Wong


Nowadays videos by the thousands have been uploaded onto video websites for shared access, including many training videos. Many people prefer to learn by watching videos, as they find videos more accessible and concrete than traditional textbooks. However, most online educational software systems currently in use by schools and universities are based on text. The overall goal of the VTS (Video Training System) project is to design, implement and evaluate prototype software for creating and viewing training videos. The work presented in this paper is focused on the problem of composing, structuring and creating video tutorials for display by an existing Viewing application. The VTS Authoring Subsystem allows trainers to easily upload and organize their lecture videos (or other video resources) into Tutorials for student access using the Viewing Subsystem (which is not part of the work presented in this report). The Authoring Subsystem is developed in the web application environment of Apache, PHP and MySQL, and all applications making up the Authoring Subsystem are implemented following a 3-Tier Model. Initial user feedback indicates that the Authoring Subsystem interface is intuitive and easy to use. The Authoring Subsystem is fully operational and is being made available as Open Source Software, along with other components of the overall VTS system.

Zhenning Tang

Video training system, software prototype, online course, web application, authoring