MyLSP Web Application and SWOT Framework Analysis


Nicolas Roussis

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 - 14:00


HH 667


2:00 PM


Profs. Dujmovic & Petkovic and Prof. Harris-Boundy (Management)


NThe Logic Scoring of Preference (LSP) method uses soft computing concepts to develop criteria for evaluation, comparison and optimization of complex systems. Professional users of the LSP method use specialized software tools to implement the LSP criteria. Neither the mathematical background of the method nor existing software tools are appropriate for a general nonprofessional user. The goal of this project is to develop a web tool that enables general non-professional users to use the LSP method for evaluation and comparison of arbitrary competitive systems that can be described using a set of mandatory attributes and /or a set of optional attributes as well as costs. The tool is called MyLSP and it is implemented as a web application with user friendly graphical user interface that can be used without previous training. The results of evaluation include the complete cost-preference analysis. The project also includes a complete SWOT business analysis.

Nicolas Roussis

LSP method, evaluation, MVC framework, Codeigniter, soft computing, SWOT analysis