Database and Data Mining Tools for Electronic Teamwork Assessment Tool e-TAT


Ravi Soni

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 14:30


HH 301


2:30 PM


Professors Petkovic, Murphy; and Gary Thompson


One of the most important challenges faced in the software engineering education and management is the assessment of teamwork between individual group members. Very few tools exist which assess and measure the teamwork and soft skills of individual developers in a team. Collaboratively, San Francisco State University (SFSU), along with University of Applied Sciences, Fulda, Germany and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) has developed an assessment method for student teamwork during their software engineering project development. To make this assessment more efficient and consistent, a tool, called Electronic Teamwork Assessment Tool, e-TAT, is being developed at SFSU. e-TAT will enable instructors to efficiently collect, store and analyze complex assessment measures that include the usage statistics in using the development and collaborative tools, responses to the student surveys, as well as instructor’s observations. Our contributions to e-TAT which are the basis of this report include: design of the database schema for the e-TAT data for easy and fast access of the assessment data objects; design of the architecture and implementation of a database access API for the storage and retrieval of different types of assessment data from two platforms (Google code and Google groups); design and development of data mining tools (with their associated UI) to mine the stored data for better assessment of collaborative tool usage statistics; novel functions that include ability of instructors to monitor the teamwork in real time and to “sanitize” the assessment database for privacy protection. The developed software was tested for accuracy and usability.

Ravi Soni

Global software development, team assessment, collaborative tool