Design and Development of the Survey Tool for Software Engineering Teamwork AssessmentÂ


Gurdeep Singh

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 15:00


SCI 241


3:00 PM


Profs. Petkovic, Wong, and Lecturer Gary Thompson


Software Engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in today's global economy. Teaching of Software Engineering poses challenges, including how to properly assess student teamwork and development of soft skill. Software Engineering course is offered at San Francisco State University in collaboration with Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and University of Applied Sciences, Fulda, Germany to prepare students for future software Engineering techniques and practices. After teaching this course for several years, the instructors have collaboratively developed a composite method to evaluate student teamwork and soft skills in Software Engineering Skills. This method includes measuring a) level of communication and SW development tool usage by students; b) surveys assessing teamwork, efforts spent and self-evaluation of teamwork effectiveness; and c) instructor annotations and observations of student teamwork. The composite method above required information to be collected and evaluate manually. e-TAT is an innovative Electronic Teamwork Assessment Tool pioneered at SFSU which aims to automates the entire process of data collection and generating reports of team performance and collaboration. Contributions of this project were the design and development of Etat-Survey survey tool that offers full functionality required for e-TAT and is easily integrated with this tool. The toll offers easy to use Web-based interface for creating, administering and answering the survey, the database for storing survey results, as well as various options for viewing the survey results. The data collected is processed and presented to instructors in useful tabular and graphical metrics and this help in better evaluating the team performance and software engineering approach followed by students. Etat-Survey is a fully functional Open Source customized survey tool integrated into e-TAT and is designed and developed using most modern software engineering practices like agile software development and user centered Design.

Gurdeep Singh

software engineering, assessment, survey tools