Enhancing of eSurvey for Open Source Distribution


Pranay Vadel

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 17:00


TH 935


5:00 PM


Professor Murphy, and Professor Petkovic


The eSurvey tool is a Web based application developed at San Francisco State University to evaluate the user interface of eTest. The evaluation process involves gathering and summarizing feedback collected from users. The aim of the follow up project presented here is to develop eSurvey into a complete academic survey tool for use by the academic community at San Francisco State University. The enhanced version of eSurvey offers a powerful, yet intuitive, system for the design and administration of online surveys. It allows users to create surveys and administer surveys online. The system also allows user responses to be summarized online. The most significant feature of the new eSurvey is a feature to automatically generate Human Subjects Protocol forms, as required by the SFSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) for data used in external publications. Approval of these forms will allow results obtained using eSurvey to be published externally as research. Use of the enhanced eSurvey tool is available free of charge to the academic community and the source code is available for download as freeware under a GNU General Public License. This project also focused on improving the usability of eSurvey by creating a detailed walk through usage guide, video demos and tutorials. The user interface was improved to make it more user-friendly and the entire software architecture was modified from the traditional three-tier architecture to use the more robust Model View Controller architecture. The enhanced version of eSurvey has been thoroughly tested and all of its functionality has been validated.

Pranay Vadel

eSurvey, Open Source, Human Subject Protocol, GNU GPL