Design and Development of Architecture and System Integration for Electronic Teamwork Assessment Tool e-TAT


Sanket Parab

Oral Defence Date: 

Friday, December 10, 2010 - 16:30


TH 331


4:30 PM


Petkovic, Wong, Gary Thompson


It has become recognized throughout the software industry that to become successful, programmers need to become proficient in teamwork as it relates to software engineering, including collaboration, communication and team organization. While there are many courses in computer science that endeavor to teach these skills, there are unfortunately very few tools available that actively measure and assess how well a software-team actually applies such skills. While there are some methods to do the assessment of teamwork in software engineering, all current methods have several deficiencies: a) they do not use the rich information from the statistics of the usage of software collaborative tools (for development and communication); and b) there are no software tools to automate and integrate these assessments and to allow for efficient and comprehensive data analysis. This motivated the ideas to come up with the novel tool to automate this process of gathering the above assessment data as much as possible, to provide its persistent storage and to provide for report generation. This tool, called e-TAT (electronic teamwork assessment tool), is envisioned to work in conjunction with the tools student team use to develop their projects and to automatically gather data for assessment of teamwork. e-TAT has been jointly designed by a team of professors and students at San Francisco State University CS Department. Our individual contributions to e-TAT project include overall architecture and middleware design, implementation and testing including test user interface and applets; development of novel methods to automatically obtain tool usage statistics, development of APIs and methods to allow other students to add e-TAT functions like surveys, user interface and data mining. We also worked in a team with other students to ensure that our middleware can be effectively used by them. The middleware we developed was tested and integrates all e-TAT services like access to the database, user interface, gathering of tool usage statistics.

Sanket Parab

Teamwork assessment, software engineering, tools