Multimedia E-commerce Web Application


Ryohei Nakata

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 10:00


SCI 241


10:00 AM


Professors James Wong & Dragutin Petkovic


Today the Internet is widely used for a variety of purposes. People are able to use the Internet wherever they have access, and the uses are not limited to searching or browsing websites. Over 85% of the world’s Internet users have made a purchase online. One of the innovative features of online shopping is that users are able to purchase not only physical items but also digital items such as software. An advantage of digital items is that users can obtain the items immediately after their purchases by downloading the data. One of the popular digital items purchased online is audio files such as MP3. The amount of online purchases for audio files has increased as digital audio players such as iPod, with its iTunes software, have become popular. Most major online music stores deal with artists who have contracts with record companies. Although there are online stores in which any person can sell his/her music, artists have to use the formats of the stores to promote their music. However, it is possible to develop a personal online music store by integrating current technologies, and the technologies are available free to any person. In this project we developed such a system of a personal online music store. This report provides design, implementation and testing details of this project, including the multi-language user interface which supports UTF-8 and Unicode encoding to display multiple languages (e.g. Japanese), as well as ability manage English and Japanese information including their currencies.

Ryohei Nakata

Multimedia, e-commerce, web application