User Interface Design for Electronic Teamwork Assessment Tool (e-TAT)


Srijita Shrestha

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 12:00


SCI 241


12:00 PM


Dragutin Petkovic, Ilmi Yoon, Gary Thompson


Assessment of teamwork and "soft skills" in the context of software engineering has been recognized as very challenging. There are very few software tools that allow efficient applications of these assessments. San Francisco State University, working jointly with University of Applied Sciences, Fulda, Germany, and Florida Atlantic University, has developed a set of composite metrics for teamwork and soft skills assessment, which have been applied manually and with low efficiency in our jointly run SE classes. In order to apply this composite assessment method more efficiently and effectively, the instructors and students embarked on the design of an Open Source Web-based electronic Teamwork Assessment Tool, e-TAT. e-TAT is designed to efficiently collect the assessment data and to provide for its analysis and permanent storage. It was also critical to make e-TAT easy to use (setup and deployment in classes by the instructors), hence great effort has been paid to its usability. This report presents design, development and testing of Web-based User Interface for e-TAT, which allows the user to use e-TAT in easy and effective manner. To develop an interactive user interface for the e-TAT, modern methods of User Centered Design approach were implemented. The usability of the product has been developed and improved based on the feedback achieved from various users. The developed user interface was also integrated with the rest of e-TAT system.

Srijita Shrestha

Assessment, measurement, software engineering, teamwork, interactive user interface