Personalized RSS Feed Portal


Divya Smrithy Kommineni

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - 13:15


SCI 241


1:15 PM


Professors James Wong & Ilmi Yoon


Today, news feeds related to several news sites are scattered all over the web thus making it difficult for users to visit those sites individually and organize news feeds specific to their interests. With the help of web 2.0 technology syndication of a site’s content is made possible. Syndication allows the users to make use of data present in one site to be used in another context. One such syndication protocol used in this project is the RSS which is an xml based format and is commonly referred to as web feeds. The user can gather RSS feeds from various sites and store it in a single site for one’s reference and personalize the homepage according to their choice. Sites like iGoogle and My Yahoo are examples of personal home page applications developed with web2.0 technologies. The Personalized RSS Feed Portal project aims at gathering RSS feeds related to several sites and displaying them in the form of widgets in a single site. In this project the user has two main views, one is the home page view and the other is the management page. In the management page the user is allowed to add existing as well as new RSS feeds, delete and select RSS feed to display in the homepage. In the homepage view, the user is able to display the news feeds in widgets that can be placed in three different columns using the drag and drop functionality. The widget that is no longer useful to the user can be removed from the homepage by clicking on the close button. Upon each drag and drop operation the position of the widgets is updated and maintained each time the user logs in. The search for data is made available to the user in the site by the Google search engine. Thus with the help of web2.0 technologies this application provides an easy way to access news feeds from several sites at one location without having to visit them separately.

Divya Smrithy Kommineni

RSS, Java Servlets, AJAX, Web 2.0, Dojo Toolkit, MySQL