Improvement of E-portfolio and Lesson Plan Creation Tool for Mild/Moderate Special Education Program at SFSU


Runtang Wang

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 14:00


SCI 241


2:00 PM


Professors Okada and Murphy


In order to alleviate the burden of credential candidates and the workload of faculty and supervisors, a web tool was developed to help the special education teaching program at SFSU. This thesis describes several improvements to the web tool: 1) a new course management module that enables the credential candidates to upload course information (including course videos) and allows students with disabilities to access the information and post questions online; 2) a new profile and password management module that allows users to view and update their profiles and passwords; 3) an improvement of web tool usability via server-side and client-side form validation using JavaScript and Ajax; 4) a new account approval module that allows the administrator to approve or deny registration applications; 5) an enhancement to the lesson plan creator which enables the users to save their work in the middle of creating a lesson plan and view the created lesson plans. All of these extensions have been implemented and tested, and are fully operational.

Runtang Wang

web application, video education, course management, lesson plan creator, flowplayer, ffmpeg, student with disability