An Open Source Scientific Portal Application


Sean Ormbrek

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - 16:00


TH 331


4:00 PM


Professors Barry Levine and James Wong


The lack of access to educational resources, scientific communities, and research tools continues to widen the gap in education between developing countries and developed nations. An open source portal application provides an online community with scientific research resources and collaboration tools, integral for such developing countries' schools, universities, and the general public. Our first focus in this project was on the evaluation of the Liferay portal application for viability as a scientific collaborative portal. Â Herein we discuss our customizations to Liferay Portal such as: new widgets that facilitate more collaboration and self-promotion of research via social networking, demonstration of our integration of Voice Over IP (VOIP) software hooks within published content, and details on how a proxy server was integrated with the scientific portal allowing access to university specific resources. Lastly, we include our results from various test environments of Liferay which reveal which configuration and setup would be optimal for the eventual full deployment of the portal.

Sean Ormbrek

portal application, developing countries, scientific research community, faculty, students, Liferay, open source, publishing, collaboration, evaluation, portlet development.