Benchmarker Web Interface


Ramakrishna Nadella

Oral Defence Date: 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 14:00


SCI 241


2:00 PM


Professors Jozo Dujmovic & Dragutin Petkovic


Workloads used for benchmarking can be of several kinds including natural (code written by programmers to solve specific problems), synthetic (automatically generated by benchmark generators) and hybrid (automatically generating different combinations of programmer written code). This project contributes to the area of hybrid benchmark generators by providing an easy to use web based user interface for the BenchMaker project. In addition, BenchMaker’s kernel library has been expanded to provide kernels that are executable and scale based on the amount of data they operate on rather than using several iterations on a small dataset. This method of scaling introduced new problems with calibration which were solved by designing a new calibrator. During this process, the significant negative effects of the non-linear relationship between run time and data size were observed, mostly seen around the region when the data size increases from processor cache size to physical memory and further up to a size larger than the memory so it requires writing to the page file on disk. In the end, this project delivers an interface to design benchmark workloads by easily running stand-alone executables while at the same time providing flexibility to create varying workloads by choosing different combinations of kernels using the web based interface.

Ramakrishna Nadella

Benchmarking, Automatic workload generation, Rails, jQuery