Debugger on the Android Platform


Manori Thakur

Oral Defence Date: 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - 11:30


TH 311


11:30 AM


Professors Ilmi Yoon, Arno Puder


Games have become a culture to new generation and game-based learning also shows great potential on its educational efficacy. To approach new generation audience easily and closely, the ‘DeBugger’ is developed as an educational game for introducing programming fundamentals to computer science beginners. The original version of this game is PC-based application which indicates that the students have to be on their machines (laptop/desktop) to access the game. Considering the upward trend in the usage of smart phones among students, this project focuses on extending the game on the Google’s mobile platform – Android. Thus, the game has added benefits of mobility and the computer science students can play it anytime and anywhere inside or outside the school premises. The Android version picked up representative and important features from the DeBugger PC game and added extra features that may be only possible with smart phone. It hosts one of the three mini games of the original PC version in which players answer multiple choice questions and kill bugs. In addition, the Android game is cross-compiled to the iPhone platform using XMLVM- a cross-compiler tool chain.

Manori Thakur

Game Development, Mobile Application Development, Android, Cross-compilation to iPhone, XMLVM